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Vash 10-09-2003 01:00 AM

Thank you very much for trying Ritual.
Ritual you guys made the game look, and I'm sure your version was awesome, awesome. It looked like so much fun and I would have bought it twice. But unfortunatly when you work with Valve they find a way to screw up a good game and turn it to shit. I thank you for doing your best and hope you guys have more flexable companies to work with for your further project. Really all I want to say is that you guys are the best and thanks for trying.

mFu 10-09-2003 01:26 AM

Re: Thank you very much for trying Ritual.
EA > Valve

Ice_Commando 10-09-2003 01:27 AM

Re: Thank you very much for trying Ritual.
Get the [censored] outta here

Castle 10-09-2003 02:54 AM

Re: Thank you very much for trying Ritual.
I worked my ass off on that god damn game....
To think about all the crap we went through.
I remember having to work on 5 missions at once (damn near 30 levels or something) during the end because ritual had to lay off a bunch of people.
I am not pissed anymore really, but the thought that they simply got rid of everything we did cuts like a knife....
Lets wait and see what happens.. maybe its not true or something.

mFu 10-09-2003 05:54 AM

Re: Thank you very much for trying Ritual.

Get the [censored] outta here

I'm sure many Tribesman would agree that working with EA was less worse than working with Valve.

zoso 10-09-2003 12:51 PM

Re: Thank you very much for trying Ritual.
amen to that..

atleast with ea when they said that lotr pc was cut we knew 100% what was going on. with valve we know NOTHING!!!!!!!!

Kalabalana 10-09-2003 01:46 PM

Re: Thank you very much for trying Ritual.
LOL that's because EA prob had a guy to tell you everything, and htis guy knew everything about EA and it's games/projects. Valve WOULD do the same, informing ritual of their status etc, but like it says in all their statements, they don't know who the hacker is.
(the joke is that the hacker is the definitive source for info concerning valve's games - it was suppose to be funny so laugh you bastard)

xile 10-09-2003 02:56 PM

Re: Thank you very much for trying Ritual.
Yes its sad to see none of your work going into the game. I will refuse to buy the game now becasue it is going to be crap. I cant believe valve done this to you. How about we get a accidental "leak" of your version of the game *wink wink*. Oh well at least you were paid for your work. Keep on fraggin.

enfestid 10-09-2003 10:18 PM

Re: Thank you very much for trying Ritual.
Hear, hear!

Thank you, Ritual, for trying to make an actual game instead of making a shitty offline version of an online game. If I wanted that, I'd just open Unreal Tournament 2003. From what I've read from the Valve release, it doesn't seem like any of your work will be in it which is a crying shame. I was hoping for an excellent single-player experience like most single-player FPS games.

I'm not for hating Valve, but this was a completely stupid move, I think. I haven't been against Valve before (and am not on the Half-Life 2 matter), but if this is true (that none of Ritual's work will be in it, mainly the campaign) I will be for sure.

I'd just like to thank Ritual for trying to give us fans what we want instead of some crappy offline mode that you can currently get in Counter-Strike 1.6. Kudos to you, Ritual.

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