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ildon 10-11-2003 04:22 PM

Valve\'s mistake
You know maybe if Valve actually tried to COMMUNICATE with the developers they worked with, instead of totally ignoring them and just sending it to another developer every time they don't like it, hoping it will come back how they want it (but apparently couldn't be bothered to inform said developer of what that is), then Gearbox's version of CZ would have been completed and released 18 months ago when it was supposed to be.

I mean seriously, how can you tell what they want? What they're releasing sounds an awful lot like gearbox's version of CZ. If that's what they wanted to begin with, why bother having Ritual work on it at all? Especially after rejecting what gearbox did. I mean, if someone told someone to do something, and when they sent it back they hated it so much they had to send it to me to do it over again, don't you think I would try my hardest to do something completely different? Especially if they didn't even tell me what the hell they wanted.

Valve are just a bunch of unprofessional jerks.

Stupid profanity filter making me tone down my language. ;(

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