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Fvillha 01-05-2004 05:17 PM

HomeLand Security/Coast Guard Mod
What's the chances of adding a Homeland Security/Coast Guard Mod to Delta Force? From the screenies I've seen, there's alot of good material that would allow for missions that could simulate Homeland Security/Coast Guard missions like:
1. Sea Marshalling inbound Foreign Ships
2. Searching Foreign ships for drugs/WMD/terrorist threats
3. Take/protect Oil plateforms in the Gulf.
4. Port Security Patrols, say around NYC or Navy vessels.

Seems like it would be just a matter of a few Uniform mods and a few weapons, adding a Coast Guard Cutter or two and RHI (rigid hull inflatible, for boarding ships)

BTW, is Uber mapping for Delta Force?

BrushBaron 01-05-2004 05:58 PM

Re: HomeLand Security/Coast Guard Mod
There's a bit of what you talk about already in Delta Force: Team Sabre, but I won't go into detail. DF:TS uses a completely different editor for creating missions. It comes from Novalogic and there is a free version on the web somewhere for Black Hawk Down.

Kalabalana 01-06-2004 03:04 PM

Re: HomeLand Security/Coast Guard Mod
thought I would just add my two cents in

cz > all or at least I hope it will be

Fvillha 09-14-2004 11:44 PM

HomeLand Security/Coast Guard Mod
I am playing JOTR (Joint Operations Typhoon Raising) now and it has potential for the Coast Guard Boarding party idea. Would be a matter of skins and few weapon mods.

BrushBaron 09-15-2004 11:34 PM

Re: HomeLand Security/Coast Guard Mod
Heh, now that DS:TS is out, did you play the oil rig platform level?

Fvillha 10-12-2004 12:37 PM

Re: HomeLand Security/Coast Guard Mod
No BB I haven't, I recieved JOTR as a birthday gift, and haven't picked up DS:TS yet. From what I saw of the sceen shots it seem to depict the type of action the CG members see in IRAQ, lot of the teams have been safe guarding Oil Platforms in the Gulf and helping to secure the ports and Navy ships from more USS Cole events. So it still has possiblities of getting my interest.

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