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shaka0070 05-21-2004 09:44 PM

isoGames Invite this weekend
This will be a TSN broadcast ( www.tsncentral.com ) and there will be enough HLTV for all with multiple server distribution.

The official scorebot channel will be #ScoreBot on irc.isogames.com and HLTV info posted at http://invite.isogames.com. If you dont know how to connect to other IRC Networks, we have provided instructions on the website.

Los Angeles, CA. – May 17, 2004 (www.isogames.com) – It is with great pleasure and much anticipation that we formally announce “The isoGames Invite” being held on Saturday May 22nd 2004 and Sunday May 23rd, 2004 for Counter-Strike teams. “The isoGames Invite” is a bi-monthly spectator event where 16 teams are hand picked to compete against one another. Only CAL-I and CAL-P teams are typically allowed to compete and it is by invitation only. The competition runs bi-monthly and games take place on the third weekend of the month. All teams receive complimentary prizes just for participating and winners get additional prizes provided by isoGames and its sponsors.

All matches are broadcast via HLTV or other broadcast solutions depending on the game played and technology available. In addition, Semi-Finals and Finals are also broadcast via shoutcast/mp3 streaming live audio with play by play action, team interviews and more. Broadcasts are provided by partners and supported by sponsors.

For specific team info, match times, scorebot, HLTV and live audio feed broadcast connection details, point your browser to http://invite.isogames.com, the official micro-site for “The isoGames Invite”.

About isoGames.com
isoGames has an amazing gaming community, with nightly LMS competitions with prizes through its IRC channel #isoGames on the IRC chat network irc.isogames.com as well as the latest in news, discussions and so much more on its website at http://www.isogames.com. isoGames also provides its members with ultra low cost/low ping game servers to the gaming community. To register for the IRC Network and website, logon to http://register.isogames.com

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