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xfodder 06-04-2004 11:10 AM

\"deleted scenes\"
i recently bought condition zero, and i would just like to send a word of congratulations to all of the staff from ritual for all their excellent work on the "deleted scenes", especially the person who worked on downed pilot, using the computer to open the door, took me awhile :P i really like the animations, especially the "ragdoll" effects. ANYWAY thanks ritual for the great game, and im looking forward to your projects in the future.

oh and i think valve is ripping certain parts from your work and putting it in turtle rocks version, the 'new' hostages look, run and feel very much like the hostages you developed, well except for the annoying chatter they do.

Kalabalana 06-09-2004 09:32 AM

Re: \"deleted scenes\"
Valve is not 'ripping' or stealing ritual's work, they paid for it, and are now realizing it is pretty damn good, I don't know why the delayed the release of it all though, I guess maybe to trick people who bought the game into thinking there will be tons of updates to the game

xfodder 06-10-2004 10:38 AM

Re: \"deleted scenes\"
i know they aren't 'ripping' it, they do own it, im basically saying they aren't brand new skins, when all they have done is reworked the skins abit or changed the view position.

if they are going to copy most of the content from the DS to CZ atleast take all of the content, they still need to take the particle effects, the HUD, the sounds etc. also they need to add heaps to CZ to make it really different from regular CS coz at the moment its just CS with fancy skins (which i can now transfer over to CS anyway)

zoso 06-17-2004 12:20 AM

Re: \"deleted scenes\"
valve can and will do it at their own pace. hell you just got 1.2 which is "new" character models.

next it'll be 1.3 with "new" fx.

then 1.4 with the "new" hud.

then......................well you get the picture.

on a side note:
can anyone here tell me if the m60 machine gun was in the Deleted Scenes version of the game? i've never actually played that particular incarnation of the CS: CZ. just wondering because if it was i'm wondering why people aren't talking about putting that into regular CS. if the m60 was in DS did you guys just hate it or something?

dead_bwoy 06-17-2004 01:51 AM

Re: \"deleted scenes\"
m60? Yup! first level actually... cz_recoil
I love it! I wonder if I could sub the m60 for the m249 in cz?
I wonder if the animations are the same?

zoso 06-17-2004 10:56 PM

Re: \"deleted scenes\"
you "could" sub it, but the length in the reload animation is different so it'll just get cut off on the end.

i think that's the only one that's different if i recall correctly.

dead_bwoy 06-17-2004 11:23 PM

Re: \"deleted scenes\"
well, in the last update, I lost the m249.mdl into the steam cache so I don't have anything to compare the two...
I replaced the m249.mdl with the m60.mdl, but I think a sound was missing from the reload also. I added it back in and one of the arms was offset. I would be nice if I knew how to model, all I can do is edit... I'm sure I could find one somewhere, valve just likes to make it hard on us.

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