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kevin442 06-22-2004 01:39 AM

Thinking about getting Team Sabre
Couple questions first

1. How long (average) would it take a normal gamer to get through Single Player? I am not much of a Multiplayer man for this game

2. How many coop missions are there? Are they repeats of the single player missions?

3. Does this game come with a CD-Key?

4. Are the SP missions kind of like the previous delta force missions where your inserted a ways off the base and then u get to the point where you can see the whole base and u can pick off enemies or are the missions like the ones in black hawk down where you are inserted right near the base?

Thanks in Advance


ran93r 06-22-2004 09:29 AM

Re: Thinking about getting Team Sabre
I have been playing SP on and off for about a month, probably looking at around 15 hours so far although I am damn close to completion.
I'm not a fan of the sitting on a back of a humvee for the first half of the mission (or in a chopper) and there does seem to be a lot of that. So yes there is travel to the waypoint but its not like you have any control over it.

Just been doing a nice trick with a mission where you are taking some chemical trucks back to the UN base, found out by accident that if you got off the truck, the convoy stopped, allowing you to go scout ahead and pick off the enemy, wish I could have done that on a lot of the "on-rails" stuff.

Overall its a nice buy, pretty much a "more of the same" deal but that's no bad thing, nice range of missions and terrain but unforgiving in some area's, for some reason enemies become crack shots in random area's where for the most part they will happily sit behind a tree waiting for you to snipe them in the foot for the killshot !

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