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ry3456 07-16-2004 01:13 AM

monstermaker entity
How exactly do you use the monstermaker entity?
Some of the monter_terrorist entities are longer than 32 characters and you cant use them, so the monstermaker entity would be useful to know how to use.

Abalone 07-18-2004 11:21 PM

Re: monstermaker entity
check this out dude http://www.vlatitude.com/tutorials/monster_maker.shtml

ry3456 07-19-2004 12:40 AM

Re: monstermaker entity
I looked at that.

When i put the monstermaker entity in my map it made an error that said spawned null entity or something like that.

Abalone 07-19-2004 02:35 AM

Re: monstermaker entity
1. Put a monstermaker in the map
2. Give it a name
3. Under monster type put in the name of the desired monster ex. monster_terrorist_desert_sniperrifle
4. Under number of monsters put the number you want to spawn...-1 is infinite.
5. Trigger its name with something like a trigger once or multimanager

good luck

ry3456 07-22-2004 12:40 AM

Re: monstermaker entity
thanks ill try that

ry3456 07-22-2004 02:17 AM

Re: monstermaker entity
I was working on my map and when i tested it i had this error in console.

Can't create entity: monster_terrorist_russian_assault
NULL Ent in UTIL_PrecacheOther
Can't create entity: monster_terrorist_russian_kamikaze
NULL Ent in UTIL_PrecacheOther

kanaeda 07-22-2004 03:38 AM

Re: monstermaker entity
just an off-hand question...

You are making sure that you load up the Deleted Scenes portion of the game instead of the Tour of Duty sp mode, right?

Also, have you checked out any of the base HL monstermaker stuff online? The entity is the same with the addition of some extra parameters that you can pass on to the spawned AI.

ry3456 07-22-2004 11:22 AM

Re: monstermaker entity
Yes i am making it for the Deleted Scenes and i have looked at some stuff about the monstermaker entity online.

I got it to work with a monster_terrorist_desert_sniperrifle, but the russian monsters dont work.

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