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dead_bwoy 07-22-2004 04:55 PM

Problem with Hammer: DS maps
I'm just learning hammer editor, and I've created my first DE map for CS:CZ, and now I'm working on a custom map for DS. I've created a super basic map with a spawn point and a monster, but I'm not getting any weapons at spawn! I'm using a trigger_once (target: player_spawn), trigger_sequence (name: player_spawn, sequence file: czds_dead.seq, sequence: level_start), game_player_equip (name: equipStart, #HP 100, give some stuff), and I also threw in an info_map_parameters (Weapon Buying: Neither CT's nor T's can buy). I spawn with the monster fine, but I get no weapons! my czds_dead.seq file looks like this:

// $position = .8 .8
// $fadein = 1.5, holdtime = 2, fadeout = 0.5
// $color = 240 100 0, color2 = 0 100 240


#pause = 10

#firetargets = "equipStart"
#pause = .25

Any ideas?

Fixed by deleting trigger_once & trigger_sequence, then changing the name field of game_player_equip to "game_playerspawn."

jimmyjoebob 07-22-2004 08:47 PM

Re: Problem with Hammer: DS maps
EDIT: add a flag to player aquip and see if that works.

dead_bwoy 07-24-2004 02:08 PM

Re: Problem with Hammer: DS maps
Ok, now I'm trying to create a spectator mode when a player dies using trigger_cameras. Will game_playerdie work as a trigger for this spectator mode? Which would work better, a scripted_sequence or a trigger_relay?

I'm off to do research and will be checking back often for help.

kanaeda 07-24-2004 05:30 PM

Re: Problem with Hammer: DS maps
I'm not 100% on this, but I don't think there is support for any kind of multiplayer-style spectator camera after you die in a single-player DS map.

dead_bwoy 07-24-2004 06:24 PM

Re: Problem with Hammer: DS maps
well, i was just thinking about this, I'm going to try to make some sort of loop using game_playerdie which will trigger a trigger_camera that will hold for say 10 seconds, then activating a second info_player_equip giving them more health and "respawning" the player at a spawn point using a saved game, or more likely, a teleporter... I am pretty much a noob at this so if anyone has any advice on how to use these entieies or how a respawn could be tricked (day of defeat style), please post!

PS: does anyone know the propper use of mp_forcerespawn [0/1]? And DS DOES use game_playerdie right?

kanaeda 07-24-2004 08:16 PM

Re: Problem with Hammer: DS maps
I'm even more sure now that this isn't going to work. You can't manipulate the player after he dies in a single-player game. It just doesn't work that way.

This page should help out with what specific entities can and cannot do...
VERC Collective

You need to think of the Deleted Scenes missions as a Half-Life total conversion, as opposed to a branch of Counter-Strike. Very little functionality is shared between the two. Things like spectating and respawning that you would see in multi-player games/mods generally are not going to be supported in DS.

dead_bwoy 07-24-2004 09:10 PM

Re: Problem with Hammer: DS maps
so this would definatly need a hook dll...
any experienced coders in here?

I seem to remember someone saying the DS code is pretty similar to the "Spirit of Half-Life" mod, which just so happens to be open source... Would this be worth looking into for coding a multiplayer mod? I wish I could code, it just doesn't seem like something I could pick up in a couple days... Most coders I've come in contact with have been coding for a very long time.

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