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texaslawman 08-07-2004 02:19 AM

Tech Help
I just got BHD, the regular games works fine. When I join a multiplayer game, it only last for about 3-5 seconds before it sends me to the login screen so I never get to play.
Here is a list of things I've done because I'm not a computer retard.
1)Called NovaLogic and disabled firewall and even reinstalled.
2)Went through internet options and put all security levels to Low.
3)Downloaded all updates.
4)Asked the great people of Ritualistic for help, answers pending.

badman 08-07-2004 09:26 AM

Re: Tech Help
Does it give you any kind of error message? I wouldn't mess around with the internet options security stuff - it'll only make your computer vulnerable to all sorts of things when browsing the web.

texaslawman 08-07-2004 03:39 PM

Re: Tech Help
Nope, no error message, just sends me to the novalogic login screen.

BrushBaron 08-08-2004 01:51 PM

Re: Tech Help
when you say you called Novalogic you mean their tech support and they said to turn off your firewall?

If you know the IP address of the server you are trying to connect to, maybe try pinging it? If you get reply packets then your computers are communicating and you should be able to connect, so it would be a problem with the game or Novalogics servers.

Also, is your CDkey valid or in use by another user who stole yours?

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