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Michele 08-12-2004 07:43 AM

Scrolling terrain help
I'm tryng to make one train map similar to the Kiltron's one.
But, kiltron has used for the main terrain, a giant func_conveyor.
I will use a hand-made terrain, divided in 7 func_trains, that goes from one edge of the map space to the other.
The problem is that apparently some func_train when reached the last path_corner stop here and then wait some second.

After few other experiments with a more simple thing; i've discovered that if you make a func_train that go from an edge of the map space to the other; the func_train, when passed a bit the half of the map, became solid but invisible, and go to the last path_corner, than go back. At the same time, reached over the half distance, another non-solid but visibile train stays here, until the invisible (but solid) train return back into the same place. Is a weird thing.

But i've noticed, looking to the Kiltron train map, that he has made a func_train (the bridge) that go to one side of the map to the other with no problem.

Here is a link to my map. Download if you can help me.


Michele 08-12-2004 10:17 AM

Re: Scrolling terrain help
Ok, no problem; i have found the solution. Simply all the moving entities must be placed at the center of the map.
And now works perfectly.

kevin442 08-12-2004 01:45 PM

Re: Scrolling terrain help
so is that link a fully functioning deleted scenes map that people can donwload and play

Michele 08-13-2004 04:14 AM

Re: Scrolling terrain help
No. This is a "problem map". I've posted in some forum, searching help, because i cannot get the terrain working; but, after looking at Kiltron's map i've realized my error. I'm working on this map. Hopefully, when is finished i'll post to download.

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