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Trooper 05-17-2005 01:54 PM

having a prob
hey ppl im having a prob i tried to installl custom deleted scenes missions and ive tried to install both ways,i installed cz via cd and tried to install that way then the other im really wanting to play these as imm a huge fn of deleted scenes so any help or plz critisize if ive done something wrong but i dont think i have so some help would be greatly appreciated? and one more question why is it illlegal to use cz player models in 1.6 when the default 1.6 models are from cz i dont get that either

Abalone 05-17-2005 08:15 PM

Re: having a prob
If you are trying to install the missions with a retail version of CZ extract the zips into Valve\Condition Zero\czeror and overwrite files.
If you are installing into a Steam version of CZ extract the zip files into Steam\SteamApps\email folder\condition zero deleted scenes\czeror and overwrite files.
When using Steam you may need the Steam_wads.zip found here.
To run the maps use the console or get the custom mission loader here.
You extract the mission_loader.zip file the same as the missions into your czeror folder.
You can then load the missions by entering the training area and selecting the custom missions instead of using the console.
Good luck man.

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