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Stylsy 03-21-2006 02:22 PM

SiN Episodes Interview @ 2404
Levelord has been busy on the interview with round with another SiN Episodes interview now up at gaming site 2404.

<blockquote>With our decade-long experience with working on so many games, SiN Emergence has been the least “challenging” and the most fun to make. Making games is always fun, but too often there are indeed these “challenges” that plague our lives. SiN Emergence had great pre-design and even better design. These made the development process a snap and a real pleasure. Because we put so much forethought into the game, we deviated little from the initial design. We also have one of the best teams around. This was a tremendous help.</blockquote>
For answers on the game's features and more back-patting, click this link.

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