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badman 05-10-2006 12:37 PM

Spoiler Rules - Please Read
In order to ensure that everybody can get the same enjoyment out of Emergence's single player mode, we're implementing a few, hopefully easy-to-follow rules regarding spoilers.
<ul type="square">[*] Do not to post spoilers in thread titles when talking about the main single player mode of SiN Episodes: Emergence. This especially goes for plot points, key sequences and encounters, as well as secrets.
[*]If your thread contains, or is likely to contain spoilers, append a spoiler warning to your thread title. It is permissible to mention the level name in the topic, so that other readers know if they can safely look at that thread or not.
[*]If you want to post spoilers in a spoiler-free thread, you can use this board's spoiler tags to mask those spoilers, like so:

Text you want to mask[/list]If you do see a thread title with spoilers in it, or a post containing unmasked spoilers in a spoiler-free thread, don't panic - all you have to do is click the small Notify Moderator on the post, and we'll get on it. We also reserve the right to edit any post that we deem spoilerrific.

We will not hand out bans for accidental spoilers, although we will consider ramifications for repeat offenders.

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