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elbadman 05-14-2006 04:04 PM

nOOb question....
I cant believe I'm asking this, I apologize in advance, but I've checked everywhere (including this forum) and I couldn't find an answer:
Is it possible, just like HL2, to play the SP campaign of SIN Episodes in offline mode?
My PC is never connected online except for steam updates and stuff, so I just wanted to know before buying this game...

lokidoki 05-14-2006 04:06 PM

Re: nOOb question....
every SP game on steam should be able to be played in offline mode. i haven't tried it yet, but there's no reason for it not to work.

elbadman 05-14-2006 04:10 PM

Re: nOOb question....
Okay, thanx man!

Michael_Russell 05-14-2006 04:10 PM

Re: nOOb question....
As long as the game is fully cached on your hard drive, you can play off-line.

The only catch is that you won't be able to submit your stats while you are off-line.

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