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artent 05-18-2006 12:53 AM

graphics bug on hologram
When viewing the elexis hologram a white rectangualer box flashes into and out of view mid way through the model. I assume it is related to my graphics card, a geforce 4 mx 440. It causes no problems other than looking kinda not right. It occurs whenever her hologram is present, regardless of the level. I'll submit a screenshot sometime tomarrow if it would help.

Michael_Russell 05-18-2006 12:53 AM

Re: graphics bug on hologram
We're aware of the issue, and are investigating the cause.

motoko2030 05-18-2006 01:40 AM

Re: graphics bug on hologram
The graphic bug on the hologram of Elexis that you are talking about does it only occur when you walk through the hologram. It happens to me when I walk through the hologram and I like that the rectangles appear on the hologram, it makes it look like that a physical object is interfering with the holographic projection of her.

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