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Stylsy 05-24-2006 09:15 AM

Wednesday SiN Episodes Review Roundup
Post-release press on SiN Episodes: Emergence is continuing, with several new reviews around the net to check out.
<ul type="square">[*]NextGenSpin - 8.2 / 10[*]ComputerGames.ro - 80 / 100[*]Games Radar - 8 / 10[*]Hooked Gamers - 8 / 10[*]GBase - 7 / 10[/list]Here's a snip from Games Radar:

<blockquote>We love the game's adult sense of humor; make sure you take a second to read the warning signs and de-motivational posters scattered throughout the SinTek facilities. We also dig the in-depth stats tracking - not only can you see exactly how you perform, the game even gives you a fitting title based on your technique - and we’d like to see it in more games. We've never had a game call us grenade whores before, but we dig it.</blockquote>

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