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wse_jack 05-29-2006 07:04 PM

How do you get blood decals to apear on dead npcs?
Ok all source games have one inate retardedness built into them it seems. That of course is that you cant make bullet hit decals apear in guys you kill yourself. What blows my mind is that you can put the hit wounds on the allready dead, say in the opening sequence when there are bodies lying around. I spawned the magnum and found that I could bloody them up as I saw fit. I also noticed on the halfs of head that blow apart you can make the blood decal on those, but again, not on the actual body.

There is a mod for HL2's single player called SMOD36, it adds all sorts of things - one of the more prominant is it's blood effects. It somehow removes this restriction, as well as adding pools of blood on the floor when they drop and when they float in the water a cloud in it like FarCry. I tried porting this mod, simply copying sin's folder into sourcemods and applying the parts of the smod that didnt have to do with level changes and while the menues came up the mod itself had no effect.

This I dont mind, I didnt expect it to work but I still would like to know the stupid ass command to enable bullet hits on the guys you kill. Its kind of pathetic, I honestly dont know any group of games other than source ones that go to the trouble of bullet hits, but limit them in such a way so that they rarly apear.

OK call me sick and all but I like blood and gore. When I first got FarCry I nearly cried I was so happy dumping a clip at a guy walking over and seeing just how f-cked up he was after. Source only gets their and not on a valid level with Vampier TM: Bloodlines, and all the good gore is pre-rendered since they dont even have bullet holes.

I think that ritual, a company who has officialy made the best attempt at gore for source, might condone this simple tweak, for the next episode but one would think they would have done it allready. Untill we find out what lies instore for E2. Does any one know what I need to tweak to get this, please, its driving me crazy when I nail a guy who gave me a little to many issues and I jut dump into him, it mocks me by laughing at me since the movement has no blood to illisturate the fact its getting shot, not spazing out.

Thanks for any help guys and I hope we can get this game to a subliminal level of badassity, in every way.

wse_jack 06-02-2006 04:33 PM

Re: How do you get blood decals to apear on dead npcs?
got to bump this, realy need an answer

wisecode 06-02-2006 05:43 PM

Re: How do you get blood decals to apear on dead npcs?
If you are comfortable with C++ reviewing the Source SDK code may help a bit.
Mods can be built on the Source engine to allow for projected decals that aren't currently supported.
In Source there are two types of ragdolls, dead NPCs and ragdoll props, each with a different collision system.
Level designers can also use the env_blood entity to project blood onto ragdolls, which is represented by class CBlood, defined in effects.cpp.

wse_jack 06-03-2006 06:30 AM

Re: How do you get blood decals to apear on dead npcs?
thanks man, I think I was coming to that conclusion my self after seeing that the smod creator had models for each character in the game for some reason. But this confirms it, damn it I hate c++ but what the hell its worth it. Thanks a lot man.

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