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enfestid 06-21-2006 10:11 PM

Trying to change menu screen...
Right now I'm not much into modifying games... but I figured that I want to give it a shot just to change a few things here or there if I ever have a problem with the game, and right now I figured I'd start with the main menu... but I'm having problems.

I know the background files are all in .BSP format, but for some reason Hammer won't let me edit them (it's giving me a ton of problems and I don't know why -- I can't even set up a game to modify for some reason). I just want to go into the background files and mess around with the sizing of the characters on the backgrounds (Blade, Jessica, etc), change characters or even remove them. How exactly can I go about doing this? I don't own 3D Studio Max or anything, but is there a free way I could edit the .BSP files in Hammer without having to set the game up, or is there another program I could use?

Secondly, how would I move the text of the main menu -- new game, load game and all that. I just want to move it around and change the text sizing and everything. Maybe even try to make it look like Half-Life 2's to start out with since that'd probably be easier with Half-Life 2 as a guide.

I've found this site, but it doesn't do a ton to help me with the issues I posted: http://www.sourcewiki.org/wiki/index...nuEditingPart2

Anyone know what I need to do? Thanks!

EDIT: Alright, I found how to move the font around the screen... but how do I change the size?

programmer2 06-22-2006 11:19 AM

Re: Trying to change menu screen...
The .bsp files are compiled, which is why you can't edit them in Hammer. You could make your very own background from scratch though, if maps compiled with the current HL2 SDK will run in SiN:E.

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