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lokidoki 06-26-2006 08:25 PM

Arena Mode Crash
Hey Guys,
Arena Mode is Awesome! But one problem, right after My time ran out on the level 'The Office', the Sin Episodes Logo appeared on the screen, and than it gave me a: "The Instruction at 0x####### referenced memory at 0x#######. The memory could not be 'read'".
Apparently, the forum says that i have already uploaded the maximum of 5 attachments (which is a glitch, cuz i haven't) so where can i send the dxdiag file, a screenshot and the msinfo32 file?

Michael_Russell 06-26-2006 08:32 PM

Re: Arena Mode Crash
Send the DXDIAG, MSINFO32, your demo (if recording), your score file (if created), and your .mdmp from the Sin Episodes folder to crashes[at]ritual[dot]com.

motoko2030 06-27-2006 10:47 AM

Re: Arena Mode Crash
Michael, Arena Mode crashed on me once and I received the same error message, when I have a chance, I will send all of the relevant information to the email address.

With me, I was playing the Office level, I think I had four minutes left and a score of 25K and then it suddenly crashed and gave me the error message.

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