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The MiMiC 06-29-2006 01:58 AM

Arena mode kinda stuttery
Playing the regular game for Sin Episodes, it runs pretty good for the most part, except in the dock area (which I think slows down for pretty much everyone).
But, Arena mode seems to run at a pretty low frame rate in all the maps I've tried so far. My favorite is the one of the entry hall. But, if I go down the stairs into the center of the room, pretty severe framerate drop. So, I'm pretty much limited to circling the outside of the map, going up and down stairs, and if I even look through the window towards the room I get the same framerate drop again. Playing in the office map, with all the cubicles, is even worse.
I had thought at first it was the demo recording doing it and so disabled it. No improvement. Then I tried playing at 1024x768 with all settings at minimum for graphics, no change. Any other suggestions?

PC is 2.53Ghz P4, 1GB ram, XP home SP2, Nvidia 6800GT w/256MB, page/swap file set to max size.

Sarkie 06-29-2006 02:56 AM

Re: Arena mode kinda stuttery
For page file what do you mean by max size?
Have you got the latest 91.30 Drivers for your Nvidia card.
Have you checked the Fragmentation of the GCF's and Fragmentation of the your system?

Theres a way to show what your system (envrinoment and such) is doing in the Source engine can't remember it though, I'm sure Micheal Russell will know.

The MiMiC 06-30-2006 01:44 AM

Re: Arena mode kinda stuttery
Pagefile: 4095MB, largest XP lets you set it.
Drivers: 84.21 (have heard pretty mixed reviews of the 90.xx series, avoiding them for the moment).
I have Diskeeper 10, and defrag at least twice a month, or once a week as mood hits (which seems to have the same effect as telling Steam to defrag it's own files as far as I can tell).

Michael_Russell 06-30-2006 10:19 AM

Re: Arena mode kinda stuttery
Do you also have slowdown during the regular campaign?

The MiMiC 07-01-2006 02:50 AM

Re: Arena mode kinda stuttery
Yes, I get a little from time to time, but for comparison purposes the only time I seem to get as much ingame as in the arena levels is when I'm in the dock area panning the camera around.

DI_MeisterM 07-01-2006 04:21 AM

Re: Arena mode kinda stuttery
Same problem here aswell. It slows down/feels laggy like the Docks area of the singleplayer maps. Netgraph shows frames from 60 to 15, which isn't really good for that engine and the small Arena maps.

My system is still Intel D830 (3ghz dual-core), 2GB Ram, GeForce 6800gt, Soundblaster Audigy 4
All drivers up-to-date and no beta drivers installed, like always ;)

Michael_Russell 07-01-2006 12:42 PM

Re: Arena mode kinda stuttery
Well, then I'm definitely confused by this...

The "Highrise Lobby" level is the most geometrically simple arena mode map that we shipped with.

Out of curiosity, can both of you turn your shadow detail down to low?

DI_MeisterM 07-01-2006 01:31 PM

Re: Arena mode kinda stuttery
Hmm strange engine behaviour...works better with low shadows. But with these graphics and my system it should play very well on high shadows aswell or?

The MiMiC 07-01-2006 09:27 PM

Re: Arena mode kinda stuttery
I turned every single graphic setting as low as the game allowed when I set it to 1024x768.
Both video cards are 6800gt's, connection maybe? Mine's BFG, btw.
Just to see if it helped, I got PCI latency tool, latest update, from guru3d and readjusted my latencies. Currently everything that shows up is either 00 (if that's how it showed originally) or 32 (if it was over 00), and the video card/AGP is set to 64. Marginal improvement there, and the sound stutter at the start of the match is no longer present.
I've been working on the issue a bit more, noticed a few more things.
At the start of the match I can pan and scan the camera with little slowdown. The minute the first enemy shows up a little slowdown starts.
Over the course of the match, the slowdown gets a little worse but not all that noticeably. However, sooner the enemies start using grenades though, the quicker that little extra slowdown starts to appear.
If I play several matches in a row, the later matches start out more bogged down than the earlier ones.
Before I retweaked the latency, the slight sound stutter at the beginning would cause the game to slow a bit while the audio played, after the tweak no longer does that.
I tried that launch command from HL2, -heapsize 512000, didn't make any difference with or without it.
After lowering all settings, I reset textures back to full quality. Game seems to run as fast with max quality as with lowest quality (at least on the entry hall map), although if I knew the fps command I'd know for sure.
When I exit the game, I sometimes get a LOT of hard drive activity, more so than when I play HL2.

I'm going to keep messing around with settings, maybe force DX8 and see what happens also.

Blitzy 07-01-2006 11:57 PM

Re: Arena mode kinda stuttery
Well, I have the same problem with SiN in general as well, and I'm on an X800 XT.
The Dock areas (lighthouse area, etc) drop significantly, as do all the Arena maps when the combat gets going. Little things like when the semi truck turns its headlines on before trying to run you over kills drop the framerate to roughly 20ish as well. I too have tried lowering all the graphics settings to no avail.

I'm hoping it's because SiN is using an older version of the Source engine, and all these problems will go away after the upgrade to the new version. I hope.

Cloud 07-02-2006 05:16 AM

Re: Arena mode kinda stuttery
Maybe its because of the many enemy's? My computer lagged down on the last level, and sometimes in arena but when i killed alot of enemy's the framrate went back to normal.

Maniac 07-04-2006 06:19 AM

Re: Arena mode kinda stuttery
I get no stutter at all in arena mode, which is weird because I do get stutter most normally in other places, albeit minor and it's not really much of an annoyance.

I'm using a 6800 ultra, not too far off from what you're using. Take my advice, get the new drivers, aside from the fact they think I'm using sli every time I start up my os, the performance boost across the board is worth it.


The MiMiC 07-04-2006 02:30 PM

Re: Arena mode kinda stuttery
A few more things I've found. If I force any directX other than 9 the graphic settings will not stick between resets. I think this is only happening in SiN, since I originally had to force HL2 into DX8 to get the flashlight to work (took Valve about a year to fix that friggin' bug, grrr) and I don't remember the settings ever reverting from what I put them on, regardless of which DX I set the game to.
Didn't really notice any difference between DX7 to DX9 in terms of speed anyways.
A thought I had was this, could it be possible that the game is rendering the graphics at the default autodetected settings, or higher, but downgrading them afterwards to match what the settings say should be shown?

Oh, and I'd like to add I got my first chaingunner in the Hallway map the other night, scared the crap out of me, he comes walking up the staircase and VRRRRRRRRR there goes that darn gun. Only one though, no more.

2nd Edit:
As for the SLI bug, go to www.guru3d.com, their forum has a registry hack to fix that problem. Or I read that downloading the 91.33 betas (I think it was) also have that issue corrected.

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