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Moleculor 07-14-2006 08:51 AM

Skin and model modification now possible! (Hurrah! Let the nudity begin!)
So it seems that the stuff preventing model and skin modification was removed in the last patch, as someone has posted something that successfully alters the model and skin on the web without creating a new mod.

However, the above link is to a skin alteration that is, quite frankly, bad. Gap in Alexis' spine, nipples in the wrong place, and nudity all the time, rather than just in the one part it should be at.

The file linked to in the post at the end of this thread works now without the GameInfo file (i.e. without making a new mod), but again, it makes her nude all the time. I didn't even bother waiting until the pond scene.

Are there any (or has anyone made) mods that makes Elexis properly nude during the pond scene, just the pond scene, and without odd graphical quirks?

xeopherith 07-14-2006 10:14 PM

Re: Skin and model modification now possible! (Hurrah! Let the nudity begin!)
yo dude, you can do whatever you want to the skin. I was working on it from 12am - 3am reading on what tools I needed and then making the patch.

C:\program files\Sin Episodes - Emergence\SE1\materials\Models\characters\Elexis\b ody.vtf

That is the location of the body texture. Download the vtf plugin for photoshop and edit away. Because I didnt play with Elexis' ass nor her back crack she does look fudged up but it was the first available patch and I did it simply to see how big it would get.

After I explained to my girlfriend what I did to the model she wants me to put her skin on the model so I really dont care to update the original skin, however I'll be getting all new skin on it. And skin I'm comfortable in too for that matter.

Only difference is it wont be widely available... or available at all for that matter...

If you want a jpg of the body Ill send it on over to you. The butt shadow might be hard to fix but the back texture just needs stretched a bit.

Later - contact if you need me.

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