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Rokimoki 08-16-2006 09:41 AM

hammer still crashing fix please
PLEASE HELP HELP... I have done all things that everybody said... make a new update to fix it please! I paid 23.45$ and hammer doens't work... boo, fix it please

Sarkie 08-16-2006 10:29 AM

Re: hammer still crashing fix please
Did you pay for Hammer? .....

Right, all your posts havent been very helpful.

Can you please,
tell me the problems encountered,
the steps taken to fix your problem

And post a DXDIAG log, to do this, start\run\ type DXDIAG

click Save all Information, and copy and paste all the information out of the created file into here.


Rokimoki 08-18-2006 05:30 AM

Re: hammer still crashing fix please

when I create a new or when I open a MAP the hammer crash, always... but when I run with valve mods doesn't crash....

Steps taken to fix my problem:
1.- Reinstall the drivers, or install the new drivers of my videocard, is a nvidia gforce 5500 FX 128mb...
2.- Reinstall Sin emergence SDK.
3.- Reset the sdk content.
4.- Resource the cache files.
5.- Run hammer and still crash...

You can see Here

wisecode 08-18-2006 06:02 AM

Re: hammer still crashing fix please
Sarkie this one is outside the scope of dxdiag.

The SiN:E Hammer crashes on New or Open for me as well and on this same system I use the Valve HL2 SDK to create maps for every Valve mod and my own, plus the creation of HL2 shaders and bump maps.

This began happening directly after the 4th August SDK update.
Prior to that I was working on maps in the SiN:E SDK.

My money is still on a conflict with vconfig.
It appears with the Valve SDK changes of late a few issues exist:

But in all sincerity, thanks for trying to help bro.

Sarkie 08-18-2006 06:36 AM

Re: hammer still crashing fix please
Yeah, I noticied and talking to Rom it usually is and it's related to their version Hammer. Just tried to see any other things that can cause the crashes, outdate drivers, bad DX version, malware.

Just trying to help :)

Rokimoki 08-18-2006 09:35 AM

Re: hammer still crashing fix please
hello, my hammer still crash

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