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Barisaxblue 08-22-2006 01:37 AM

How do you make "godzilla" sized npcs?
As the title implies, how do ya make an npc very big, or "godzilla" size if it's possible?

ertertwert 08-22-2006 02:22 AM

Re: How do you make "godzilla" sized npcs?
Place them in the skybox.

Barisaxblue 08-22-2006 02:26 PM

Re: How do you make "godzilla" sized npcs?
well, iv only accomplished the basics in level design thro the tut from the hammer wiki or sdk wiki...or, w/e. dont know how to make a sky box. all i c is a 3d sky box and i dont think i fully understand wut its telling me to do. my next 2 goals are: how to make breakable glass and how to make a skybox, which the last one would lead to the "godzilla" sized people ;p.

Xenogenetic 08-22-2006 02:31 PM

Re: How do you make "godzilla" sized npcs?
Breakable glass is easy, make a brush with the glass texture that you want then right click on the brush and select "Tie to entity" and choose func_breakable. Then in the func_breakable choose the properties that make your glass just like you want it.
A skybox is easy, make a brush covering all visible sky in your map and make sure that the tools/skybox texture is applied to all faces of the brush, DON'T nodraw the sides that aren't visible.

If you have HL2 there is an example of a 3D Skybox vmf file, if not there is this tutorial:

To make "Godzilla" people just place them in the 3D skybox. Without a custom model and a little coding this is the closest one can get to a giant.

wisecode 08-22-2006 04:18 PM

Re: How do you make "godzilla" sized npcs?
Using func_breakable for glass is a legacy method.

Here's a tutorial I created that steps you through creating basic brushwork and breakable glass for Source:

Here's another with a variety of Source glass methods:

An advanced method of layering glass in Source maps:

Video tutorial I did for the Valve VDC showing how to create a 3D skybox:

Barisaxblue 08-22-2006 04:27 PM

Re: How do you make "godzilla" sized npcs?
well, i figured out how to make glass by-myself eventually ;p. and well, i wanted to b able to actually interact wit the "godzilla" people, not see them from a far off distance. so i guess there's no way to do that for now : (. o well, thx for all the tips and help.

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