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RedSarge 04-17-2008 08:46 PM

Quadralex and prop_vehicle_sin
Hi. I need some help with a few things related to SiN since ritualistic's modders wiki is down/gone.

When I bring up the console with "`" and then type in "prop_vehicle_sin" (without the quotes) nothing happens... I don't get a car. Why is this command not working?


Is it possible to make the Quadralex fight with the Druglab grunts? I tried using "AI_relationship" but I don't know the correct syntax. Could somebody help me out?


madgernader 04-18-2008 12:27 AM

Re: Quadralex and prop_vehicle_sin
Hi there, I just tried it out, "prop_vehicle_sin" isnt a valid console command to spawn the car in the game, Im not sure what is in sin, since "impulse 82" (HL2's command) didnt work.

As for the Quadralex, the grunts seem to shoot at it even without the "ai_relationship" set, and setting it dosnt do anything, it only seems to react to the player, for example, when I set its ai to friends with the player, it just stood there and took the hits from the grunts.

As for how the syntax goes for them, its quite easy really,


Name: you can leave blank, unless you need to change the relationship mid game.

Subject: The thing that is having the AI changed, and you can put in the names you used for your npc's or use the class names ("npc_druglab_grunt_pistol") and it will then affect all of the npc's of that kind.

Target: The target of the relationship change ("!player" to change relationship with player) or "npc_quadralex" to change their relationship towards the quadralex

Disposition: How they feel about the target (options are self explanitory)

Radius: if you only want it to be in affect in a certain section, change this value, (I think it goes by units from the origin of the entity, dont quote me though)

Priority: Havnt used it, but I think it means, if they are in a room with two enemy types they hate, they go after the one with a higher hate priority first (again dont quote me)

Start active: do you want it to be on/off when map loads

Reciprocal: Does the target have the same relationship with the Subject

As for the Wiki, I think its gone, since Ritual is gone, I wonder if we can just add a "Sin Episodes" Section to the valve developer wiki, since thats not goin anywhere, and they got a section for "The Ship" which isnt a valve game. And sin does also use the Source engine, so its not totally crazy, I might look into it some...

blooregardo 04-30-2008 01:30 PM

Re: Quadralex and prop_vehicle_sin
I think the name of the SiN vehicle is sin_car.

mastersrp 05-02-2008 02:35 PM

Re: Quadralex and prop_vehicle_sin
the entity name is prop_vehicle_sin, but you can't just spawn an entity by typing it's name!
i cannot place a weapon in front of me by typing weapon_assault_rifle. to get a weapon i would need to type "Give [weapon_entity_name]", However, do NOT do this with the car. it would spawn inside of you.
There is a specific command, i just can't remember right now, and i feel pretty stupid 'bout posting this soo late:o

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