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quietstormx1 09-08-2009 08:20 PM

CD key already activated
this may possibily be a steam-related issue, so incase it is, i have already posted the same question on the Steam forums.

anyways...over the weekend i was at a flea market with a female friend of mine and saw a copy of Sin for sale for like $2. figuring itd be a fun game for her to enjoy, i bought it for it. once i installed it, the installation asked for the CD key (at this point, i have to input the CD key into a Steam menu. i input it exactly and it gives me a message that the CD is already activated on another account and therefore is invalid.

this is a really stupid "security" feature to have implemented for this exact reason. this game is what...7, 8 years old? pretty much FOREVER the game can only have 1 owner? thats just ridiculous.

is there anyway i can get a new CD key for this copy of the game?

jester343 09-09-2011 05:34 PM

Re: CD key already activated
I've had the same problem all i did was download a cracked version.
Because if you have the original disk it's legal to download a cracked version,that way you avoid all the hassle.I don't agree with the steam engines method of dealing copyright i think there's a better way to deal with copyright than that.because it's pain in the ass when own the original disk and you can't even activate it.

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