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Griffo 07-06-2000 08:08 AM

A save / load game fix
Do you find that loading your save games locks up Sin, and your computer?
Then try this ...

(This is more a workaround than a fix).

1. In your sin directory, create the batch file FIX.BAT.
2. Put in it the following commands:

copy base\players\blade\config.cfg base\players\blade\config.bak
copy base\players\blade\config.bak base\players\blade\config.cfg

(Note:- if you use a name other than "Blade" to log into the game, replace "blade" above with your login name)

3. Run FIX.BAT.

4. At the game menu, start a "New Game" (I use the same skill level as the saved game, but it shouldn't matter).

5. Press any key when prompted.

6. When the animation of J.C. starts, press F3 and load your corrupted game.

7. It should now work (fingers crossed).

Please send me feedback if this works for you.

I, too, was so so so so frustrated by this bug that I almost gave up playing the game.

I found the problem began on the "SinTek Chemical Plant" level, around the circular intersection, where you leave the map, a few areas before the U4 room.

Why does this problem occur around here?
Can anyone explain?

I've seen the problem on both V1.03 and 1.06.
And before anyone asks, "No, my system is running just fine. IOW, the HDD has no errors and I've re-installed the game".

Thanks very much to those whose messages gave me hints on the config.cfg file. Using the above batch file has stopped the lockup on the first "Sin" title page when loading the game.

Starting a new game seems to allow bad save games to load.

FIVE-one 11-03-2008 08:09 AM

Re: A save / load game fix
Hello guys ! Happy Sin 10th anniversary !!!

I recently bought the steam version of the game. The game runs well until my save is unable to be launched.
I'm at the SinTek Warehouse. Firstly it was the quick saved that bugged, so I thought the bug comes from quick saves, but I noticed also my normal save on this level is now bugging too.

I tryied your method to fix this, without effect.

I have to admit this problem is surprising, as I used to play this game back in times and never had this kind of glitch.

FIVE-one 11-04-2008 07:04 AM

Re: A save / load game fix
Ok I situated where the glitch start.
My saves began to bug as soon as I reached the door opened by the orange card I took from the foreman (the guy we shot in his armchair) in the SinTek Warehouse 2 level. it's the only time my saves bug.

Does anibody detected the same glitch ?

edit : I took a screen in the loading : here is what appears

then the "overflow" message begin to spam the console, so I had to be quick while taking the screenshot.
Please solve this glitch, as it's really dumb to don't be able to save. Indeed, after that door moment, all my saves taken from this point are unloadable.

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