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DrWoo McM 12-14-1999 03:16 PM

Memory - What do I need
I need PC100 RAM 128MB and I would like to know a good place to get it from. I understand that not all PC100 memory is created the same, what do I need to lookout for when buying this type of RAM. Obvisously I want the best bang for my buck.


Lanik 12-14-1999 04:17 PM

Re: Memory - What do I need
Finally, Ram is coming back down...

As far as brands, Micron and Samsung is really good.

As far as where to buy it, I usually just go to pricewatch, and get the best price (with shipping). A lot of places charge $20 to ship it to offset their costs. Is kinda lame when you consider how small a DIMM is to ship

Smack2 12-14-1999 04:22 PM

Re: Memory - What do I need
I'd go to your local reseller - when you factor in the price of shipping, I don't think you'll save any money. I've had the generic PC100 10ns DIMM's that I bought from my reseller and had no problems whatsoever. Most of them are also now stocking PC133 for a slight premium - if you're investing in RAM, I'd get the PC133 as a bit of future-proofing. If you stick it into a system with a 100MHz FSB, the system will just clock the RAM down to the correct speed. I think the difference in price is just about $10 between the PC100 10 or 8ns and the PC133, which I think is clocked at 6 or 7 ns. Check around locally before you pay that $20 shipping charge for something that'll fit in an envelope ...

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NightHawk 12-14-1999 04:23 PM

Re: Memory - What do I need

Some people say "Don't skimp on ram" since it can cause problems. My experience with no-name generic pc100 has been quite good, however. A friend of mine runs all his boxes, even servers with generic and has not had any hiccups (although they do run unix ..)

Anyways, don't spend a god aweful amount on ram. Usually generic should be fine, but look around for name-brand stuff like Lanik mentioned. If they're not all that much more, it'll be worth the extra cash if not for anything other than peace of mind.

btw - Ahz is selling a few dimms. I got dibs on the 128mb stick he's selling, but I believe he's got a 256mb stick too.

Korrupt 12-14-1999 04:33 PM

Re: Memory - What do I need
Stay away from 10ns PC100 SDRAM. Get 8 or 6ns. Go for name brand if you can. Definately check out www.pricewatch.com .


Ahz 12-14-1999 05:12 PM

Re: Memory - What do I need
Talk to me Woo if you want a shtick O RAM. Its either Micron or NEC I believe, PC100, not to mention its ECC.

TIBURON 12-14-1999 05:34 PM

Re: Memory - What do I need
Hey Woo! saw that we have been bouncing back and forth between 2 and 3 on NG Stats for Domination.

Where do you play? Would like to bump into you and play


Wingznut PEZ 12-14-1999 06:26 PM

Re: Memory - What do I need
Woo has been playing on whatever DOM server I'm NOT on. Probably "The newbie house" server.

(j/k, man!)

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TIBURON 12-14-1999 07:04 PM

Re: Memory - What do I need
Hehe...That must be why I never see him

Hmmm...Now that I think about it, I never see you either Wingz.


DrWoo McM 12-14-1999 09:34 PM

Re: Memory - What do I need
Hehe yeah, I suck at that game I use to play on UWRF or something like that and now I play on The Church of J3susF1sh.

Stop by sometime. Actually I see BubbleYum (She Rocks in UT) and Lanik every now and then on some of the DOM servers I play on.

I usually look at the players on a server before I join and If I see Wingnutz there I stay clear. I don't want him to do a McCarty on my Lemuix Arse. <grin>

Lanik 12-14-1999 10:46 PM

Re: Memory - What do I need
If you read the NGstats FAQ, you get more points for fragging higher-ranked players than lower ranked. Therefore, it's highly doubtful he's fragging newbies

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