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moe3D 11-30-2000 05:10 PM

Sin 2 vs Sin arena
If they make a sin 2.
It would completly destroy the purpose of Sin arena mod for Q3 other then the fact thats multiplayer only. Oh well im just going to wait and see which one will be better(Multiplayer comparisons only). Thats sourght of strnage pitting a sin conversion against the actual thing. If ritual doesnt make sin 2 this mod will probably be far more popular. I think Sin 2 will do far better Sin arena is a rehash of sin maps aND weapons for Q3 but sin 2........... (Brand new guns, mplyer maps, play style)

kAmALA 11-30-2000 05:26 PM

Re: Sin 2 vs Sin arena
2 years to make a game vs 3(?)months to
make a mod.

badman 11-30-2000 05:27 PM

Re: Sin 2 vs Sin arena
I don't see any reason why Sin 2 would destroy SA or any other Sin related mod.
First of all, Sin Arena is supposed to resemble Sin, not Sin 2 or any other game. Note that it is a modification and not a full-blown project like Sin 2 would be. Also, you won't need to spend any cash for Sin Arena; that means nada, none, nothing. All you need is a copy of Quake III. And lastly, it's not like Sin Arena and Sin 2 will be out at the same time anyway.

Ritual Entertainment

Icculus [LoK] 11-30-2000 06:51 PM

Re: Sin 2 vs Sin arena
SA is going to rock and itll be popular cause itll be unlike any simple mod out there for Q3 right now , i mean the weapons and stuff in sin were great and there was nothing like running around on hoverbikes , come on... this mod is ging to be sweet

not to mention they arent bound to be JUST like sin , who knows what this mod can be

all i know is i wanna get on those hoverbikes again , awl shit i think i have to go install WOS/sin now , any good wos servers?

Zer0 11-30-2000 06:53 PM

Re: Sin 2 vs Sin arena
When Sin 2 comes out, eveyone here is gonna uninstall Quake and UT, and they will never reinstall. Sin 2 will own us all.

moe3D 11-30-2000 09:29 PM

Re: Sin 2 vs Sin arena
But i hope it wont take years. If it does people will lose intrest like Daikatana. I cant wait until their are screens of it i wanaa see the Q3 engine at its best. And with the production of halflife 2 in progress. It seems as if were stepping 2 years back. Sin 1 vs Halflife 1. Unfortuanatly sin lost the battle. But this time sin 2 will kill Halflife 2 and a new champion will reign supreme.

RATBURN360 12-02-2000 04:00 AM

Re: Sin 2 vs Sin arena
I just hope the system requirements for Sin 2 are not to steep.

Sin 2 VS Half-Life 2. The mother of all wars has begun!

RussianBadAss 12-02-2000 10:30 AM

Re: Sin 2 vs Sin arena
Anybody know a good Q3 keygen? I have a pirate copy.

RussianBadAss a.k.a. Kefirius

RATBURN360 12-02-2000 03:08 PM

Re: Sin 2 vs Sin arena

TheDarthJedi 12-02-2000 03:34 PM

Re: Sin 2 vs Sin arena
nanu nanu..

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