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The MiMiC 12-21-2000 11:02 PM

Memory question...
I've read that it's best to buy pc133 memory if you've got a machine that uses pc100, because that way you can update to a pc133 motherboard without having to buy new memory. With this in mind, I bought a 128MB stick of pc133 memory today, to use with 2 64MB pc100 sticks I currently have (replacing the 3rd pc100 with the pc133). Clerk even said that's how his machine's set up. So, I power her up, memory test starts, memory test gets halfway through and fails. Machine says press DEL to go into setup, F1 to continue. I go to setup, look around, change cas latency to 2 from 3, no help. I change it back, still fails. So, I press F1 to continue. Machine loads windows, says I now have 256MB. Mess around for a few minutes, no problems, but the memory failure had me worried so I shut the machine down and put the old pc100 64MB mem stick back in. So, is the memory bad or does it just not mix well with the pc100? Anyone else experience this, or know what might be a cause?
As of now, I'm thinking I should take it back, explain the problem, and swap out the stick for either another pc133, or pc100. It's a local shop, pretty good reputation, and the clerk said he'd swap it if I had any problems.

Damn, making mistakes sux.

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Well, bitch slap my ass off, forgot to add the second half....

Bought Windows98se along with the memory, and I plan on doing a clean install. Is there any way to save the e-mails I have, and bookmarks for IE 4.01? Maybe copy the files over to win98, import them or something?

Thanks for any answers.

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Icculus [LoK] 12-22-2000 12:03 AM

Re: Memory question...
i dunno i forget har har

ender 12-22-2000 12:49 AM

Re: Memory question...
i run an aftermarket 256mb pc133 along with the stock 64mb pc100 and have zero problems.
it shouldn't make a difference anyway since your motherboard bus only runs at 100. having more capability in your memory won't matter at all.
to save your favorites...
i assume you're using a version of windows newer than 3.1 (haha).
go into your c:\windows directory, there will be a folder there entitiled "favorites" which contains all your bookmarks.
copy this folder to a floppy or zip or whatever, and after you clean install 98se just put that folder right back where it was.
where your emails are will depend on what email proggy you use???
try checking your documentation

i have experienced many many wipes and reinstalls
mebbe you shouldn't take my advice?
being a junior member is fun

The MiMiC 12-22-2000 01:01 AM

Re: Memory question...
Old: Windows 95 OSR2.5
New: Windows 98se

E-mail: Outlook Express
Browser: IE 4.01 SP2, Netscape 4.76

ender 12-22-2000 01:12 AM

Re: Memory question...
well if that's the case
look in the
C:\Program Files\Outlook Express folder

see what you can't find there
no guarantees mate
i use outlook

STATIC3D 12-22-2000 01:26 AM

Re: Memory question...
Mimic -
You can save your email from Outlook Express by backing up the files in the following directory...
C:\Windows\Application Data\Identities\{whole bunch of numbers}\Microsoft\Outlook Express

You can save IE links by backin up your Favorites folder.

"To expect mercy from your enemies is to accept defeat!"

ran93r 12-22-2000 03:56 AM

Re: Memory question...
and if ur feeling particularly anal you can backup ur cookies

backup ur windows/cookies folder
rename index.dat to index.old

when ur new install is done copy your backed up cookies folder back in

from dos rename the new installs index.dat to index.ass and rename your index.old to index.dat

Regarding Outlook Express - there is an export feature so you can save out ur mail and contacts, to reimport them with ur new install. (This feature "May" be fependant on OE version - I have the latest one here)

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