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**DONOTDELETE** 08-13-2000 07:21 PM

1st person Vs 3rd person
I have always loathed 3rd person games. The character or environment always got in the way, and the camera views were never where you wanted them to be. I just wanted to say that this is the first game I have played where I actually enjoyed 3rd person. There was never a place where I was unable to move like I would in 1st person. Aside from the incredible graphics (I'm glad the Q3 engine is being put to use, ID lost my purchase by not adding a single player story. Much like UT, I think the tournament mode was a cop out.) Anyway, I have always thought that 3rd person would be great for story, but now I see that it can be used without detracting from gameplay.

And dang, with Julie's body, I would hate for the game to have been 1st person


Foo 08-13-2000 07:38 PM

Re: 1st person Vs 3rd person
I have the same views; I dislike 3rd person due to the lack of control and finesse I have with FPS games.

But if you look at it, do you really want people to have FPS control/finesse in an adventure game? They're not supposed to go robotically through the levels fragging this way and that, taking the exact same path right down to the millimetre, and having surgical aim hitting baddies between the eyes (ohh I love SiN).

This is where the issue of multiplayer comes up. You sort of need the FPS functionality in-order to be competitive and have the highest performance.

With 3rd-person, there's lots of fiddling about, even with hardcores of 3rd-person.
That doesn't mean 3rd-person MP wouldn't work.

Now if a 3rd-person game is more enjoyable in other aspects such as visuals, humour, story... than people don't notice the lack of control and measily multiplayer. Most people anyways.

Take MDK2 for example. Even though it's 3rd person, I found it to be one of the top 3 SP games I have ever played, and I've been playing games for about 10 years, console and PC. Why? Because it actually made me say "WHOA" out loud... and laugh. Some scenes I couldn't believe they made... I mean like the sky diving at the beginning... and the space-vacuum/magnet-feet with the Dr. Plus huge bosses... imagine fighting something as big as a sports stadium. I would probably feel the same way about FAKK2 if I could play it at 60 and not 5 FPS.

MDK2 isn't cluttered either... a newbie could understand the HUD... and there isn't much to killing things except pointing in their general direction.

The game was riddled with humour, and it did it without resorting to sexual innuendo. Very clean in that respect, but there was no need for it.

Ritual probably wanted to do 2 things with this game:

-make money (for making more games!)
-push the field

They have succeeded. Let Q3, UT, TRIBES2, TF2 push multiplayer... there's enough competition there already.


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**DONOTDELETE** 08-13-2000 08:21 PM

Re: 1st person Vs 3rd person
All i know is i want a [practical] first person view with multiplayer!

Fatch 08-13-2000 08:37 PM

Re: 1st person Vs 3rd person

I really think MP without 3rd person would be fine and would suit the game well. Combat is hand to hand, which is a chore in first person, and for multiplayer, when you're using projectiles, adding a crosshair to ALL the weapons would be easy. Then it would be perfect. Remember, everybody you will (hopefully ) play will be in third person also, so there's no disadvantage. I can't wait,


Bass2496 08-13-2000 09:21 PM

Re: 1st person Vs 3rd person
In order to make the first person view like most first person games, you would have to make models for all the weapons to be in your view. You could just move the camera down, but then aiming would be a little weird because you would have to aim below the target in order to hit it.
But I say let people me in whatever mode they want in MP mode. If the people find it easier to use the current first person mode, such as silversurfer, then let them use it if they find it easier. Those that prefer the first person can use the first person. Its not really an unfair advantage if you have a choice.

**DONOTDELETE** 08-13-2000 09:25 PM

Re: 1st person Vs 3rd person
you actually can try out multiplayer in the game easily by enabling the console in the advanced section of the audio/video, then typing in "togglemenu leveldesign". there is a little blue checkbox in there to toggle 1st and 3rd. anyway, its difficult to control her in 1st. the movement of the model is way too unresponsive in first person, especially when jumping and the use of melee weapons in first..well..sucks. its also obviously harder to see when enemies are coming from the back or sides.

with autoaim enabled in multiplayer mode, it wouldnt be bad. just like mdk foo! fire and forget! and rahzahm, if you liked fakk2, then you really gotta check out drakan. you too foo. i dont mean to take away any of fakk2's thunder, but drakan was a beauty. its pretty much like fakk2, but its medeval. heretic 2 was also an excellent tomb raider killer which also allowed for mouselook in a 3rd person (which i think should be an option with all 3rd persons released on pc). messiah was another newer released one that wasnt TOO bad, but it locks up,and they screwed up the mouselook somehow. of course if you are a fan of the series, then by all means you have to play zelda 64 - ocarina of time. those are all 3rd persons of execeptional quality, like fakk2.

i think for all those except for zelda, there is a demo.

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[This message has been edited by Joe Taint (edited August 13, 2000).]

badman 08-13-2000 09:50 PM

Re: 1st person Vs 3rd person
FAKK˛ + 1st person mode = sucks my left nut.

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claudec 08-13-2000 11:06 PM

Re: 1st person Vs 3rd person
Why the left nut? Is there something wrong with your right nut?

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