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se7eng 08-15-2000 11:13 AM

why is this game running so slow
I have a pentium III 800eb processor, 128 megs of ram running at 133mhz, a matrox g400 max, a sounlblaster live, and the game takes a painstakingly long time to load in between scenes as well as running choppy regardless of what resolution i am playing in. i defragged my drive, downloaded the opengl drivers (as well as all the latest drivers for my video and sound card) and turned off every program possible before i play the game and I still have the same problem. could anyone suggest a solution to this problem? I imagine that a hardrive re-format may clear up this problem but would like to know if there was a less extreme measure i could take to make my machine run how it should. any help would be greatly appreciated.





se7eng 08-15-2000 02:05 PM

Re: why is this game running so slow
why do you say that? is the matrox known to have problems like this. up until now, i have been very happy with its performance.

badman 08-15-2000 02:13 PM

Re: why is this game running so slow
The G400 MAX should be fine. It sounds like a memory leak. Have you patched it yet?

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se7eng 08-15-2000 05:28 PM

Re: why is this game running so slow
i patched it and am still getting the same problems.

iceheart 08-16-2000 12:56 AM

Re: why is this game running so slow
Matrox... Ick.

hammerhead 10-02-2000 10:46 AM

Re: why is this game running so slow
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by se7eng:
i patched it and am still getting the same problems.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>


i have a matrox g400 16mb, 600Mhz Pentium III Cpu and 128 MB, the game runs pretty quick and doesn't stuck at 800x600. The installed gl-driver is version 5,30,7,3, the game runs with standard graphics settings.
Maybe you got processes running in the background or your harddisk performance is to poor ?? checked DMA turned on for your harddrive in system-control-panel ??? the game uses the opengl32 driver.

Skyline 10-08-2000 08:16 AM

Re: why is this game running so slow
mines run at 35-40 fps

PIII 450mhz
128 ram
16mb ATI Rage 128
8 gig
ASUS motherboard

I used to get 18fps. Then I updated the video driver and tweaked the video card and got 35fps.

Foo 10-09-2000 02:52 PM

Re: why is this game running so slow
I think it could be that Matrox...

Even though it kicks ass for 2d and features and etc like ATi's too... they don't stand up to 3dfx and nVidia when it comes to 3d.

se7eng, methinks you're going to see more and more games running slower than you think they should.

This situation what we have here, is exactly why consoles are dominating. What's the point in upgrading small pieces of your computer at $200-500 each, multiple times... when you have beautiful consistent graphics for a one-time payment (for hardware) of $200 or less that lasts for like 4 years.

That's where opinion comes in... would you like more single player gaming (console), or would you like more multiplayer/editing/customizing/add-ons (PC). You want PC, you pay for it... heh.

I guess if you're happy with your Matrox in other uses, and MOST games perform acceptably... than **** it... why upgrade for one "stupid" game?

I wouldn't, in your situation, unless you're looking at hardcore gaming for the titles next year... than I would be looking at upgrades.

Insane eh?

Some of us don't have a choice... gotta be PC if you wanna edit games.

But if I were just a games player... and console had multiplayer and downloads just the same as PC... as well as standard kbd/mouse, than I'd be on console probably.

* Foo looks at X-Box? PC-equivalency? *


badman 10-09-2000 05:45 PM

Re: why is this game running so slow
se7eng, have you downloaded Matrox' TurboGL drivers yet? They should greatly improve your OpenGL performance.

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trillobyte 10-14-2000 07:26 AM

Re: why is this game running so slow
I dont think its your card. I have an almost identical system, except it has a geforce256 video card, and framerates can make it seem like the game has stopped. Other games run awsome.

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