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aldie 08-21-2000 06:20 PM

Alpha patch up
Thanks to all those who responded to my earlier post.

This patch helped out enough people that I'm releasing it as an alpha. You can use this link, or your Updater on the CD installer program.

I'm fairly confident that this fixes crash on exit and/or loadgame problems.

Scott Alden

Mike89 08-21-2000 08:10 PM

Re: Alpha patch up
Wow, you don't mess around Scott! Since I got the files from you through email (I was at work then) I see you have it up now. I just wanted to say that I got home from work, installed the patch, played the game and so far, no crashes on exit! Wow wow wow! If I get another crash, I will be sure to post it. Thanks a lot. This game rocks and so does Ritual!!!

miles666 08-22-2000 03:18 PM

Re: Alpha patch up
1.02a fixed all my probs


FalseGod 08-22-2000 04:35 PM

Re: Alpha patch up
I never had any problems, but Yeah for Scott! He's our man! good going dude

FalseGod! King Of The Whorey Nietherworld!

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