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Zombra 09-07-2000 08:53 PM

Running Jump?
Okay, this is ridiculous, but I need a hand. I'm trying out the demo, everything looks good so far ... except there doesn't seem to be any way to do a running jump. I'm stuck at the obstacle course in training because you need to be able to do a running jump to proceed. Pushing the jump button while running is not doing it. What am I missing?


babab00ey 09-08-2000 09:34 AM

Re: Running Jump?
Back up as far as you can before making the running jump.

Zombra 09-08-2000 10:57 AM

Re: Running Jump?
Aw, hell. Using the Shift key for run screws everything up. That sucks ... I was hoping to use my standard key configuration for this game ... oh, well. At least I got over that damned ledge.

babab00ey 09-09-2000 12:21 AM

Re: Running Jump?
I turned on "Always Run" for the whole game. Then I just hit shift to walk. It made life so much easier.

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