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Voltas 09-01-2000 10:57 AM

Ok..On to something new...Lets make an Add-on!
Ok so whos gonna start maken something kool for fakk2. I got some map ideas and some scripting ideas. I played with the skins and its all good.

I hear alot of ppl complaining that ritual didn't make the game nasty enough.
Well felas they gave us a awsome model and some kool guns and swords.to work off of!!!

lets make add-ons that keep to the heavy metal spirit and not worry about getting this game into a 13 year olds hands. I'm talken quality Heavymetal comic material! Blood, swearing, sexyness(tastefully) Nudity that shoulda been in the game anyway.

looking for interested patries to develope and add-on for the FAKK2


Story teller- Need someone who is an Avide HeavyMetal reader that can guide the story concepts and keep our work true to the HeavyMetal Universe.

Scripting- (anyone who did some scripting for SiN) And can make cinimatic magic! Examples PLEASE! Or just prove that you'll figure da shiiat out!

Modeling- We NEED to make some more Monsters! I am not gonna recycle fakk2s over used monsters!

Mapping- Quality Detailed mapping. I wanna use some of the concept drawings and HeavyMetal Mag drawings to make good maps!

Photo Edit and Illustrators - want Quality outfits and skins! I can airbrush skin tones over clothing better then some of the stuff I've seen out there!

apply with me: send along resume with past work and some examples if you have any!


Lets make sumpin bomb and stop bitchen at ritual because you didn't see the things you wanted to see! They made they're mainstream game. I give em propes for goin into it with the HeavyMetal name! that alone scares alot o Moms and dads that stayed up late to watch the cartoon on cinimax when they where young and horny!


P.S. Historic fact...did you know this is how ritual/hipnotic stared there little comany?

Um..Stick your 1st post up your &@#

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iceheart 09-01-2000 01:07 PM

Re: Ok..On to something new...Lets make an Add-on!
uhh... sure would be cool, but I doubt this will happen.

FYI. Ritual was started by 3 guys (I think 3) leaving 3Drealms to start their own company.

Voltas 09-01-2000 01:38 PM

Re: Ok..On to something new...Lets make an Add-on!
I can not begin to describe the number of add-on total conversions and models that have been developed by the gaming community.

Ritual is counting on people like us to develope add-ons and conversions to prolong the life of there game.

But thanx for the vote of confidance. You just singed your self up for the beta testing! you need a least one pesamist for testing reasons!

Bass2496 09-01-2000 02:42 PM

Re: Ok..On to something new...Lets make an Add-on!
I think the reason he said that is because on average most mod projects fail. And that is with big communities like the Quake 3 community. Since this is a smaller community, there is even less of a chance. I will say though that any mods made will be popular since there will be so little made.

Voltas 09-01-2000 02:52 PM

Re: Ok..On to something new...Lets make an Add-on!
I agree with you on the failure rate of mods.. I 've been on some. I kinda know what goes wrong with mod building...good ideas..good ppl and tones of lack o organization. Working on the net with ppl is hard. working with friends is hard and thats the start of 99.5% of mods. Tell ya the truth I'm not looking at this as a creative thing I'm looking at it as an organization project. I do project management for IT projects at work. I think I can work this with some talented ppl and do something fun with my skills.

Well if anyones still interested its out there. I will first be collecting resumes and then the brainstorming on the project will start so we can launch a concept and get ppl interested!


EEOD 09-01-2000 04:12 PM

Re: Ok..On to something new...Lets make an Add-on!
Werd up!

I'm an illustrator, and have been dootling with some skins for this game (really because there are no pallette limitations like in Q2) I'm currently working on all the skins from the mag and the film. My first 3 skins for this game are at www.geocities.com/eeod. They are my "learning process" skins. Lemmie know what you think.

I'll send you a resume and if you want I have a portfilio CD I can mail. the "lite" version is at www.bbs.someone.net contact me via e-mail from that site and I'll send the CD/Resume.


Foo 09-01-2000 04:30 PM

Re: Ok..On to something new...Lets make an Add-on!
It would be pretty stupid for Ritual to make a whole game, and "count" on the community to prolong the life of it.

And even NOW, after the replayability issue has come to light throughout the masses, they STILL haven't changed that.

Note, that they're in development of a multiplayer add-on for FAKK2. I guarantee you thats all that people will be playing and talking about in 2 months, in relation to FAKK2. Playing single player once through will be an after-thought, and basically thrown to the newbies and those that encounter bouts of nostalgia.

Now that that's out of the way...

Concerning your mod project, there's no reason why anyone could start one up for any game... but it looks to me as if you're jumping-the-gun, exactly as I have done in past projects for various games.

The smart thing to do, would be to wait until the tools are released to actually see the potential, and what can be done.

Don't assume anything.

New levels, thats basically a given, due to the map editor being included with the tools release. But high quality one's? That all depends on what mappers you get, and how much time they spend on them. Shoot for COMPLETE levels firstly, THAN high quality ones.

Only thing I don't think will be as easy as it may seem, is the modeling. You mention new monsters... finding a good character modeler willing to help is slim-chanced, as most of them are hired working full-time already. And then don't forget the technical difficulties you might encounter... the term "modeler" doesn't mean that they know what they're doing in terms of ANIMATING ("animator") with bones and such.

If you want to do a Heavy-Metal story episode thing... I think you could pull off the same thing by just creating whatever levels needed (quality doesn't matter), complete with storytelling cinematics, and just using new skins and textures for a different look.

New skins and textures can go a LONG way... try and juice that as much as you can before devling into new models.

New models and maybe new code... I think thats biting off a bit more than can be chewed.

PS, throughout your "proposal" you seem to mention "high-quality" a lot. Isn't that a given though? Who would want "low-quality" ? Hehe.

PSS *content first, than quality*


Voltas 09-01-2000 05:16 PM

Re: Ok..On to something new...Lets make an Add-on!
Thank you foo. Your input is appriciated.

Yah I'm maken high goals but I wanna get ppl fired up. I read to much bitchen about tech problems and other issues and I just wanted to turn things around and start ppl thinken and working on things.

a higher goal is what we need. Yah its a master plan. Yah we all have to learn the tools and see what we can do. If it scraps because we don't have the tech or the know how to do it fine. I enjoy challenges.

To be honest.. I think that all that and a back o chips can happen if you get together the right ppl.

I've dabbled in just about every aspect of add-on creation. Modeling and Mapping ( Was an Architectural Designer for 4 years ) Scripting and programming ( I work in the IT industry now. Know many scripting langs. ) Texturing / illustration ( Architectural Design / Web Dev ) I'm currently project manager for an intranet web page for THE LARGEST COMPANY IN THE WORLD.

Foo I'm just tryen to knock some heads around and see what comes out. I know quality work and I wont get me a team of half slung dudes to tool around. I been on teams where the concept of the day is "through more bodies at it and it'll come together!" I'm only looking for "Quality" if I can't find it..fine. I can make up in some areas and keep looking in others.

I have the will.... what more do I need!

"Wish me luck Foo, as I jump off this bridge!"


keepvdubbin 09-01-2000 10:38 PM

Re: Ok..On to something new...Lets make an Add-on!
I am well versed in the ways of Worldcraft. I was working with a friend on a Half Life WWII Mod, but I just did not have the time. I am interested in what exactly you have in mind. I have already replaced and edited most of the sound and music files in FAKK 2. Pretty easy for the most part.

Bass2496 09-02-2000 12:04 AM

Re: Ok..On to something new...Lets make an Add-on!
I doubt Worldcraft will have FAKK2 support, the QRad series is better anyway IMO.
I am a programmer and scripter. Didn't release anything scripted for Sin, mainly because I suck at levels and didn't have anything to put it with, but I do know the language. I also made the BassMod for Sin (I didn't name it) which is kinda like the Lithium mod for Quake 2. I am pretty well knowledged in level editors, even though I can't make good levels, I know how the programs work. I don't have much past work I can send you other than if you want to check out BassMod for Sin. I may be involved in other mod projects though, but if I am available and you need the help I would be glad to offer my services.

iceheart 09-02-2000 02:57 PM

Re: Ok..On to something new...Lets make an Add-on!
duhh... I'd gladly help too, but this mod project is like SO many other I've seen... A lot of spirit but no substance. The best way to start a mod is find a group of people you know and can work with that you trust in. When you have some content, then is the time to ask for help. I wont be jumping on some project that's all ideas with no other people or nothing.

Foo 09-02-2000 07:29 PM

Re: Ok..On to something new...Lets make an Add-on!
No doot aboot it


Voltas 09-02-2000 11:22 PM

Re: Ok..On to something new...Lets make an Add-on!
Idea... Ok so its not a new idea in these times but I think it will work..

Ok.. in heavymetal the movie. Julie is some tart that just pops up and walks through a pool of water necked and puts on a badass outfit and Woops up ol dude. Ok this wans't here first time out. She looks to mean for that.

What cult or group is she in? How did she become this Femfatal anyway?

Thats the story...

lets go with Foo and make some levels showing her getting her wings. Sound mods ...some good scripted cut scenes some very good.. challenging levels and we have something that ppl can enjoy and get some interest in playing/creating more.

theres a timid start. We build that and ppl want more.. kool we'll do what that moron John Ramero could never pull off and create an online comic! TRUE so TRUE to Heave Metal!

There... theres my idea!

Bring it Foo!


PS Yes, I'll build lvls for concept. yes I'll bring content. All I can do is set a good standard and a "bar" for the project.
PPS Where are those tools?!?!

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Foo 09-03-2000 10:21 AM

Re: Ok..On to something new...Lets make an Add-on!
Building concept levels? I think thats no good, because levels usually take the longest to do (well, except characters) in mod projects, and would take too much effort.

Concepts should be sketches, descriptive paragraphs, references to other games... etc, contained in the DESIGN DOCUMENT.

Anyways, about your idea, Voltas, does this mean the mod will take place BEFORE the movie? Most people, like myself, haven't seen the movie, and probably won't. So it's difficult to understand your concept.

Is the movies' style heavily different from the game? Would you be trying to maintain consistency with the movie, the game, or your own style?

Instead of planning a whole storyline, multiple levels, cinematics, etc... I think you should make a single level episode... just a quick story bite about ANYTHING.
Perhaps something about new monsters attacking the village, unrelated to GITH fiasco.

"Oh no! Julie! Those Gundabeasts are attacking again! Help us!"
"Ok, sis! I'm here!"

*hack 'n slash*

"Thx Julie!"
"No problem"

That right there, will basically have EVERYONE here playing it. They don't care if it's lame... it's NEW.

I think if you try and tackle even one one-level mission with a story and cinematics, that you'll find it's more difficult than you thought.

Creating SP levels is steps above creating multiplayer levels (which most amateur mappers "specialize" in, simple MP levels).

With MP levels, you just go ahead and create a static world. But with SP, you have to worry about monster placement and paths, cinematics, ambience, jacking up detail a bit (cuz SP levels can be more detailed than MP, less lag issues), ABO (if any), "falling rock" areas, etc.

My advice is to make a quick one-level mission pack... get a good mapper, get a good skinner. Keep it small.

If it goes well, expand on it...

Perhaps after the level is done, a cinematic opens up that has Julie talking with an old village dude. Old dude remembers younger Julie, and starts talking... fade out to past (new level loads)... player is now playing younger Julie, walking around in a *different* village (same village, just... 30 years ago or wtf).

Oh woops what am I thinking, they don't age right? So Julie wouldn't be younger? Whatever... she'd be like she was in the beginning of the movie as you were talking about, Volta.

Level could be just browsing the old village... than some kinda of monster attack (what else could you have? hehe).


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iceheart 09-04-2000 04:27 AM

Re: Ok..On to something new...Lets make an Add-on!
Although you have a valid point by saying that most "amateur" mappers do MP levels, it is by no means EASY to make a GOOD MP level. The MP mapper have many more layout problems than the SP mapper, e.g. he has to design choke points, item placement, a "flow" and other things that does not exist in the mostly linear SP maps. After all, bad item placement/design in an SP level will just make it too easy/hard and not ruin the game like it will in MP.

Foo 09-04-2000 11:48 AM

Re: Ok..On to something new...Lets make an Add-on!
Well I was just pointing out that making an SP map is generally MORE-WORK/HARDER than making an MP one... and wasn't trying to say that making MP maps was easy in itself.

A working (it flows well) MP map takes less effort than a working SP map, due to the fact of more variables existing in an SP map, and has more elements to be produced.

Someone could make an MP map with little regard for anything but the architecture, yet it could turn out to one of the communities' best maps because he lucked out on getting the game flow right.

Most MP maps go in a circular flow... there's hardly any dead ends. Players run about the whole level, on their own paths. They keep running and running, basically anywhere you are, you'll have multiple paths to choose. Be it multiple hallways/doorways, teleporters, jumps... whatever.

However, SP maps are generally linear in nature, they go from start (A) to finish (B). Having the player as an avatar in a story restricts the designer to this forumla.

This is a reason (other than technically) why we don't really see a lot of SP games where the player can rome about freely, because there's no way of controlling the avatar, as in the designer doesn't get to display to the player what he wanted them to see in terms of the script/screenplay and the story loses it's punch.

Of course, I'm not saying SP levels are just a straight sprint to the end... there are multiple sub-paths in SP levels, but still, things are generally linear in fashion.


sock2 09-09-2000 09:06 AM

Re: Ok..On to something new...Lets make an Add-on!
Creating SP levels are extremely time consuming and can involve a lot of scripting in order to produce all the special effects needed to create a good story. MP maps are simply about architecture, flow and item placement.

Graphicsgod 09-13-2000 01:17 PM

Re: Ok..On to something new...Lets make an Add-on!

Well I'm intrested in doing a VERY simple Tomb Raider mod (I'm currently working on a Lara skin now).

I've been working for soo many mods, and half of them either give up or people loose intrest. So I know this all too well, lol.

So your probably asking yourself, how simple a TR mod are you talking about?

Well something as simple as a simple training level based on the TR training level with the mansion and all. With more detail and closer to realism than what Core did, lol. With some new sounds, music, 2d graphics (ie. menu and in game) and skins, weapons, and some new code. Then after that, then and only then, if the "team" still wants to continue, then we'll try to creat a small SP level and then expand upon that.

Sound simple? I hope so, lol.

So if anyone is intrested, let me know. And if I can get enough talented people intrested, then I'll make it all offical and create a website and put the team together.

The only thing holding mods back right now, is the source code to FAKK2 (since I doubt you can use the Q3 source, lol). Anyone know when the source code will be released? Hopefully we don't have to wait as long as Quake3 mod makers did, lol.


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Bass2496 09-14-2000 07:52 AM

Re: Ok..On to something new...Lets make an Add-on!
We already have...

Graphicsgod 09-14-2000 08:38 AM

Re: Ok..On to something new...Lets make an Add-on!

Is that a jab at FAKK2, lol, or do you mean your already working on a TR mod? If your working on a TR mod, let me know if you need any help. But fist I need to know the direction your taking and what your doing with the mod.

E-mail me at graphicsgod2@hotmail.com . If you have a website, post/send url!


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Wilka 09-14-2000 11:34 AM

Re: Ok..On to something new...Lets make an Add-on!
I think he means we already have waited as long as Quake3 moders did.

Voltas 09-15-2000 05:43 AM

Re: Ok..On to something new...Lets make an Add-on!

No I wanna create a mod or single player game.

As foo stated above. being to crazy about it is setting us up for a fall, so I plan to wait for the tools. put some maps together and start getting some people on to create some changes in the game (i.e. textures,skins, maybe models)

OH GG, sorry I haven't put your skin on my site. I'm haven some FTP problems with my server now. I've added the skin to my local copy of the site but I just can't get it up on the page. I'll figur it out!


Graphicsgod 09-15-2000 11:20 AM

Re: Ok..On to something new...Lets make an Add-on!

Whoah, hold on there, lol. Don't upload it just yet.

I'm still awaiting some pics from you on how the new ver. looks. Theres a few too many alignment problems that need to be ironed out before I can justify it being "finished" . I also want to add a another set of skins for people who want to make the model look more like the character that I'm basing the skin on.

So I await your e-mail ...


AngryFlute 09-19-2000 05:00 AM

Re: Ok..On to something new...Lets make an Add-on!
Originally posted by Graphicsgod:

"Well I'm intrested in doing a VERY simple Tomb Raider mod (I'm currently working on a Lara skin now)."

A Tomb Raider mod would probably get interest going. Start with a recreation of the training levels, like you say, and then others can design new levels. Heck, I can see the Tomb Raider fanbase getting involved with this. Every couple of weeks or months or so, the FAKK2/TR community releases a new level -- no need to buy anymore Tomb Raider sequels! :^) Wonder how Eidos would feel about this? Overall, I hope it would encourage Eidos to innovate the next Tomb Raider games both graphically and in terms of game play.

BTW, you know there's a Q3 Lara skin and model out there, right? Technically, could this model be put in place of Julie in FAKK2?

Graphicsgod 09-19-2000 05:22 AM

Re: Ok..On to something new...Lets make an Add-on!

See, your thinking on the same plane as I am, lol.

True there is a Q3 Lara model, and true it could be put into FAKK2 (now that we have the 3dmax plugins). I believe that model and skin, kinda suck. No offense to the person who made it. But my skin is a lot better IMHO, and I find the Julie model a lot better to use than that model . Now if someone could load up the Julie model in 3dmax and make her look more like Lara, then we'd have something!



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