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Default Re: Oh this...

I agree about the difficulty of the times for most developers. In fact, I have actually started working on an article for my website about the pros/cons (things that rock/suck) about both developers and publishers.

One quick take example on it...
Developers -
Pro - They create the games we love to play.
Con - They are usually not the best when it comes to "business" aspects.

Pro - They fund and get the games we love to play to the store shelves.
Con - They often dictate the development of projects to the point where the developers hand's are tied.

The way I see it, most development houses spend the majority of the money they get to keep the doors open while working on a project rather than being able to actually "save" enough money to then develop projects of their own. If they can't "sell" a game idea to a publisher then these types of projects only get done when ppl put their spare time (if they have any) into them.

In other words, unless you can convince someone the project will sell (or lose the funding during the development process), it's up to you to create it...something that the mod type communities have proven many times over (SiN2UT and SiN Arena ring a bell?).

Keep in mind that if the PC Gaming industry were to die (and I don't think that will happen any time soon) then the ONLY thing that would be driving the hardware technology would be video/audio types of production. If it were not for games, most ppl could do the majority of what they do on a puter (email & surf web) on MUCH less advanced hardware than what is out today. No "real" reason to upgrade if what you do can be done without the "need" for better hardware?

But I digress...
I never have been a CS fan. And, while I have liked some of Ritual's work, I don't purchase a game from a company just because I have liked some of their past work. I judge each project on it's own merits when making a purchase decision...which can be proven by my refusal to purchase UT2003 after having played UT for over 3 years.

Anywho, I just find it ironic that after so many comparisons made in the past as to how SiN was a better game (netcode alone should have been proof than Half Loaf (which lead to the creation of CS...just imagine if CS had been built using SiN) Ritual is now working on a Valve project.

I know this may sound like I'm being negative. However, I am actually speaking more from personal experience (as well as that of many friends) with content creation in projects. So, I am actually being a bit more realistic than anything else...the truth just comes out a bit rough sometimes.

Good luck to Ritual and when (if) news of SiN 2 comes along, then, I'll definitely "Jones'n" [img]/forums/images/icons/cool.gif[/img]
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