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Default Re: Oh this...

publisher-types really like "tie-ins" and other such marketing silly-ness; stuff like tv shows or movies or toys. these instantly increase the potential buying market, as well as providing additional marketing venues. while there's no arguement that an original ip has the potential (SiN movie anyone?), established properties have a much better chance at being profitable. whether it's for better or wose (easily argued either way), the big publishers are now publicly held companies and as such carry along the baggage of having to keep their shareholders happy, meet fiscal deadlines, etc. Rarely, if ever, their decisions are driven by the desire to make a great game. The bigger companies have, for the most part, eliminated all the smaller competition. let's face it, the current game development market really only presents the opportunities for truly original properties when the developer can fund a large portion of the development... perhaps even the whole project. I don't know of too many pc developers able to pull that off. while i agree it would be fantastic to work on unique, creative, and totally original properties and nothing but... the reality is that such a situation requires a hefty bankroll and rarely happens in todays market.

besides all that, who says we aren't excited to have this opportunity? Excited/inspired developers make for better games. I can say this much... valve certainly isn't a publisher. things could be worse.
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