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True Kanaeda (Akira is a great movie btw). The same often goes for the film industry. Sequals and such often get funded even if there is a real story there or not (i.e. ability for a sequal).

While SiN the movie did do well, it too WAS based upon something...the games. :} While there have been many attempts (with few real successes) several games have spawned movies (Mario Bros., Mortal Kombat...etc.). Any popular license nowadays is open for crossover potential (whether the crossover is kept true to the original product or is actually "worth" being created).

SiN had a VERY strong underground following...anyone remember the SiN 2 petition? Had it not been for the fact that SiN was pushed to store shelves too early (the blame rests solely on the shoulders of Activision), it WOULD have done better if for no other reason than the bugs that were considered "major" or "show stoppers" by some reviews would not have been there.

People that read these reviews most likely viewed the game as another "rushed" product (like so many others)...unfortunate for them (and for Ritual/SiN). In any event, excluding the bugs, comments in reviews were generally very positive.

If SiN 2 is to ever be made, and the lesson has been learned the first time not to rush the product to market, I can see it being one of the top FPS titles (where it should have been in the first place...damn Activition!). I mean it's obvious that some elements were "barrowed" from SiN for other games...Anyone play Deus Ex?...Gee, wonder where the idea for a hacker type character back at the home base radioing you info came from?

To some extent, SiN DID put it's mark on the gaming world (kind like those in the "know"...well, "know" it was a great game). I can only see that SiN 2 (if properly executed) could do nothing but succeed in a sea of other "clone" (or "popular"/"tie-in" subject) games.

Heck, even if ya'll waited to start SiN 2 until after this CS project, it's not like DNF (Duke Nukem Forever) will be ready yet...hehe.
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