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Static3D little topic also got me out of retirement from these forums! [img]/forums/images/icons/laugh.gif[/img] You make some great points. Personally I talked to a few Ritual employees the during past E3. They love SiN, they would probably make SiN 2 for free, they love the game that much.

So far they have not produced a title that was as fun as SiN. SiN was a true original ideal which you can look back now and see how sin influences other games. So far none of their other titles have stand up to how fun and wonderful SiN was, but they also proved to everyone that they are very capable to producing all sorts of game play and different titles with out making the same game over and over. Yet I still loved Fakk2 and the Blair witch volume3, which they produced volume that is worth playing. To hear them doing Condition Zero, has me a little worried too. I think itís great for the company to do something BIG like this, sure it will sell many copies. The problem is they should be making something that is their own, even if itís not going to be SiN2. They are so much capable for doing something bigger and better than taking on titles that publishers toss at them.

Now CS I know they will pull it off, but I think this will be one of their most poorly produced titles. The reason why isÖ This is their first realistic game. Thatís the main reason why I donít like Counter Strike! Iíve played it a few times because people made such a fuss out of it. Realistic just plan sucks, Itís not really fun hiding and camping! Lets not forget about cheating too. Ritual will have to work some major overtime on anti cheating measures.

The thing is Iím all for fun, humor, unrealistic weapons, crazy powerups, and power movements. I donít think anyone going to find any Easter eggs in Condition Zero.
Thatís just me, of course people love that type of game, but I rather see them add some fun factors added into it, and take away the time that it takes to play a round.

Metal of Honor did a great job of just adding some fun to the game. With some of those guys now level designing at ritual Maybe they can make Condition Zero a little fun too. My suggestion to ritual for being a long term fan would, to be try to do something original and something that is their own game title. Besides they should have plenty of funds to do something like that after Condition Zero and EF2. Personally Iíll buy EF2!


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