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Default Re: Oh this...

Kul to see so many ppl still keep up with this forum (even if it's just I agree with a lot of what ninken had to say about some of the games. In most cases, while they were "good" games, they just didn't seem to have that love (i.e. heart and soul) behind them to make them "great" titles.

I never liked the CS stuff for the "lack" of realism...stick with me here. If I want "realism" in a FPS, I will go with something more like Rogue Spear/Ghost Recon. In those types of games it's the attention to "realistic" detail that makes them more a combat "sim" than a "scream and twitch" style of FPS.

However, I also really like those over the top types of weapons and such in "scream and twitch" FPS games. The only problem I usually see in those types of games is the lack of weapon balance. With so many different types of weapons (slug throwers, energy based, etc.) the idea of how one is more powerful than another is the main issue/problem.

The main thing with CS that always bugged me was the weapon loadout stuff. Either go into battle fully loaded with both teams equally balanced (allowing the best "tactics" to win out), OR, give both teams equal opportunities to obtain the weapons (again allowing the better "team" to win).

The game that comes the closest to being somewhat a decent hybrid of "realistism" while still offering that over the top style of "fun" has been Battlefield 1942. Too bad they nerfed the net code on it. Just imagine if this style of gameplay (drive, fly, run & gun) could be incorporated into a good quality "scream and twitch"/"over the top weaponry" style FPS....hmmm...(with good netcode of course) hehe.
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