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Default Re: Counter-Strike...

Thats ture

it plays out like this

"God DAMN Foot ball is SOOOO old
how come they didnt release more levels by now!?"
The game isnt fun unless it supports features I dont normaly comprehend on a technical level anyway!!


This leads me to ask a question though.
Normaly when people say the engine is old. What exactly do they mean? Isnt a 3d engine a collection of features packed together in such a way that they all act together to make a believable environment and hopefuly a playable game right?
When people are saying the engine is old they are complaining about exactly? I allways chocked the who debate as that the game lacks X feature that is being shoved done your neck anyway with the newer games. Many of wich will easily force you to upgrade you computer.
(Im not saying thats bad either Im going buy doom 3 for sure!)
It sure cant be a debate that the game play is allways better with newer games. As far as I can tell the game play is much the same as it allways has been especialy in its core elements.
What im getting at right now is just because the engine is newer doesnt make it built anybetter than an old one and since the game play is almost another whole debate what feature does SOF2 of all game have that makes it soooo much cooler than Half lifes "Not up to date engine"
What feature is it?
Are you going to tell me that SOF2 is a better game because it has shader scripting!?

I dont think that SOF2 has the per poly bounding box hit detection for more realistic locational damage. I think SOF2 just has a giant square bounding box over the player for its hit detection. BOY SOF2 MUST BE SOOOO UP TO DATE!!!

I could be wrong about the hit boxes on SOF2 though Im just assuming after playing the game for a bit. hehe
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