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Thanks Castle, and I do agree, you guys do deserve a break, since the holidays started my team's been a little out of it too.

The biggest quesion is will the source code or small parts of it be avalible to the public? 'Cause as with CS, it'd be impossible for my team to re-create the code, and then modify it for the mod. Like you guys, I cant go into details about what we have planned, but I can say that some of the stuff we will be adding are new weapons/characters (not just new models, but new classes and such) and game modes.

I'm betting your gonna say 'no' to the above question, so I'll ask this. If you guys (or Valve) dont want to release the code, will the current game setup support a editing such as the beloved rewriting of CS's titles.txt, basicly, adding lines of code to some file that you can open in Notepad (or something in the GDK) that will tell the game 'add this thing and look here for other files and stuff'?

Hopefully you understand what I just wrote, 'cause I almost dont!
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