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Bass2496 told me to post on this thread, so I am:

I'm kinda confused why ppl would post "Sin is dead." messages on this forum. Why is Sin dead, cause Q3 is out on the mac? Please biatch....

Even when Q3 comes out, I'll still play Sin and I'll tell you why:

Weapon Balance - Egad! So there's weapons useful in certain situations and its not always the rocket! (read: Quake).

CTF - Teamplay! You think CTF will be out for Q3 anytime soon? I think not...a year ago CTF was definitely going to be in Q3 and now it's they "wish" it was in the game....It's gonna take a few months for teamplay past the time the game is released. What is that--like 6 months? Even if Q3 kills Sin (which even those of us who love it must admit that it probably will) there's a lot of life left in it. Even my formidable clan has rumblings of "We'll switch to Q3 when it comes out..." That's gonna be a sad day, for me at least.

Community - Even though there's lot of immature a$$holes in the SiN community, there's a lot of really cool people. Never in any online game I've played before, have I become friends with so many people. That alone is a testament to the game, because how good an online game is as much who you play with as the game itself.

Swank - No other game besides Sin has as much character and punk-a$$-b|tch kewlness as Sin. Yeah Duke had that...where's Duke again? In some kind of Unreal-nightmare of a development schedule.

The only game that has a chance of killing Sin in my book is Fakk2...Ritual has proven they got balls-of-steel for game development. It may be cool--it may not. I have no clue, but I do know they're using the Q3 engine, and has previously stated: they got heavy sacks.

Ok, there's my rant, hope it helps.

Lanik OUT


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