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Well, what I was wondering if Ritual would be make some modifications to 'CZRadiant' to include some of good features from Worldcraft. I like both editors, but there are just somethings that one can do things that I wish the other could also. This will also help bring the CS community who are used to Worldcraft over to 'CZRadiant'.

Anyway, here's just *some* of my ideas:

1) New camera contols (like WC, where you can hit 'z' and go around your map with the mouse and W-A-S-D keys)

2) Ability to fully customize screen layout (ie: window placement)

3) Like WC, a drop down list of prefabs

4) Faster BSP tools then EF/JK had (good ex: Zoners Half-Life Tools)

This is all I can get off the top of my head, I'll get more as I use WC and EFRadiant
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