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Default Re: Condition Zero Missions IT OUT!!!

I think its the fear of people not approving that makes a lot of games today fail. I mean look at the GTA series. It blew up huge because they put it out how they wanted and didnt have people limit what and who you could kill, mame, run over, blow up, and ghost ride dirtbikes into [img]/forums/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

Its that total freedom and reality that attracts people (me at least) to the game. In what reality would you as a terrorist not be able to run up and shoot whatever civilian he wanted? Games are to do whatever you want and when you want cause you cant do it in real life. I always hated the Need for Speed series cause you cant even go a few feet off the track without an invisible barrier throwing you back on... If i swerve off the road i wanna hit friggin trees and small animals, not some dumb invisible wall!

Anyways, the government would be truly stupid if they tried to ban things like this. Whats the difference if a CT went and cut some guys head up and blood was everywhere than when a T does it? Why didnt they take SOF2 of the shelves instantly? Dont you think they should be more concerned about how you can sit at a dead body and chop everypart of its limbs off while blood is squirting on your face than what you look like in a ski mask and white snow cammo?

Those are my thoughts....

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