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Default Re: Condition Zero Missions IT OUT!!!

Well it’s a little different when in a time of war I think. I mean people are going to be going out to some other country and fighting a ground battle eventually if not already. It’s very common for free speech to go bye bye during a time of war.

Though there are a few things about this whole situation that kind of bugs me. I mean I know it might even sound like a good idea to name real terrorist groups or even base missions off real events. However on second thought that could be a bad idea. Personally I would rather not piss any one off if I can get away with it. I can picture the headlines now

“Game spot rates Ritual entertainment the first and only company that turned up missing on a mid Monday morning after shipping a game that said bad things about a well known group of pissed off Russian guys” In fine print underneath it exclaims “Boy that was dumb!”

The article goes on to say that they found part of one of the employees however he appeared to have no comments.

I can picture the Ritual web site saying things like “Since one of our texture artist didn’t escape the blast last Thursday we are currently searching for a really tough guy who make textures. Experience in Wacom tablets photo shop and hand to hand combat is a plus!”

One of the new guys shows up to replace one of our level designers who claimed to have heard the loud clang noise however failed to get his gas mask on before it was too late. We say things like you gotta role with the punches around here however we mean while in the back of a taxi cab racing into a tall building filled with explosives. We get to hear those ever so soothing sayings like when president bush claims “Those guys are really pissing them off!”

It’s a pretty bad sign when airplanes begin to rain yellow packets of food and bombs on Dallas. Its like Raman noodles except in two packets instead of one. Maybe we can fart ourselves to death while hiding from red beams O death poking in and out of open windows. Yeah sure I can live the lie that is “Its ok as long as we can consider it FUN GAME PLAY”

Thank you for your advice because we all know rather than pissing off the American government we pissed off a group of Canadians armed with blunder busts and bear rugs that claim to be very agitated at us.

And who knows maybe in the end I can enjoy the fruits of my new life after I change my name and move to a small island where the money isn’t quite as valuable as a pile of fish.
And speaking a pile of fish I’m pretty sure some one out there knows how to make a bomb out of a good sized pile of shark meat. This is how I know how I’m going to die. Killed by an exploding pile of shark meat strapped to some Arab dude running into a hut fashioned from clam shells and wood from trees.
So don’t you see WHY it’s a bad idea to piss people off?
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