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Default Re: Condition Zero Missions IT OUT!!!

WHAAAAT??? Hahaha you guys smokin somethin over there? I never said to insult the terrorists or name names of terrorists groups, I just dont see any reason in not letting people play as terrorists unless of course you make them look like Osama Bin Laden. So, I'm sayin the opposite, give the terrorists(in the game) some credit....i dont think the real life terrorists would care if we did that. Being able to play as Terrorist would be just like playing with bots on the current CS and I dont see people having a problem with that. T's guard hosties and plant bombs, and CTs rescue or defuse...same way its always been.

And if I had a pile of shark meat I'd make some shark hide shoes first, and then maybe a nice amored jacket cause isnt shark skin real strong? It would really help in those close combat knife fights....

Oh yeah, that brings up the question..... are you guys still gonna have the action that the players see do something different in 1st person view? I always thought it was funny how you can stab your fist at someone and they see you just swipe your hand back and forth. Both knife stabs are the same, haha. If you guys make some super modified knife sounds it just wouldnt be the same either......I gotta hear that *swish* sound when I start out otherwise the whole round is messed up... [img]/forums/images/icons/grin.gif[/img]
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