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Default Re: Ritualistic got a Question/s...

CS player models will be quite bumped up in the poly count and resolution however I donít believe blinking eyes is one of the things that will show up in the game.
Stuff like that is more along the lines of what our Tiki engine can do.

CS is imo one of the more fluent and coherent multiplayer games ever made. Thatís why Iím sure that better ladder functionality was never added because you would need to almost lock the player on to a ladder and not let them look around to make so it can be possible to sync up a proper animation. Sometimes that is a jolting experience that takes awhile to get used to and can potentially subtract from the fluidity and coherent feel that we know and love in CS.
However CZ is a single player game and with the way the engine functions itís actually quite easy to make guys play anims to climb up and down ladders and function properly. Though I donít think I can say much more than that because I donít want to give too much away. I hope this answers your question.
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