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Default Re: FAMAS in CS:CZ ?

That's the best new for all CS fans !

Lot of players bitch about the CS arsenal : Poor poly's weapons, inaccurate skins, false reload animations (M4 in particular) etc ... That why they prefer use hi-poly weapons packs instead.

I've begin to play CS since the first beta, but i must admit my interest for these mod decrease with the time (cheaters, etc ...) and finally i don't play at all.
But if u say than u'll redone in better all the weapons and skins (and add news) be sure i'll play to CS:CZ

Zoso if u need to see real weapon's firing and reloads, tell me, i've some videos, that can be useful to u.

Soon (i hope tuesday) i'll grab some good hi-res pics of a SIG SSG-551, i guess than some artists from Ritual are interested too ?
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