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Default Re: FAMAS in CS:CZ ?

that would be incredibly cool to see weapons in action (i.e. vids or something akin to that.) if you can give me a link then that would be great.

unfortunately all the view weapons/items are already modeled for cz and almost all of them are skinned so i can't and don't have time to go back and re-model something causing more work for myself and other artists....however, i do appreciate your images and regardless if i have time to go back and change things i would love to see anything you have.

as far as i know (don't quote me on this) but the reason why the polycount for weapons is low is because so it'll run faster and smoother on slower machines. letting more people play without having to speed tons of money to upgrade their machines. i believe that the average computer user doesn't have the lastest and greatest components that are out in the market place. so game designers set limits for themselves to adhere to so more people can play the game...and honestly for 400-700 polys i think the artists that did the current cs weapons did a great job.

for the life of me i can't figure out which weapon you're talking about when you say the m4??

however because of time constraints and crunch times many of the original anims for the current weapons are being used w/ various tweaks and changes. (of course all new view weapons, items, and some select current cs weapons have new anims.)
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