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Default Re: FAMAS in CS:CZ ?

I have lot of videos, something near of 740Mo, with all kind of firearms. I begin a collection of hi res pics too (+ others i think interesting to keep on my hd).
Ask me what do u want, and i'll send u.

Last year i've past some time as beta tester for global ops. As i've noticed some mistakes, i send 'em the corrections with a reference pics from the real weapons with a screenshot takken from the gun in game, and explain the correction to do. Something really simple to do in fact.
It's always a satisfaction to see than developpers take care of your work, and finally see corrections done in the final release. I've help a bit some moders too.

Hum i'm a bit disapointed to come too late for help u more. Anyway if u some doubts about a weapon's detail or something else, tell me ...

Yes, low poly models is a guaranty to run a game on every low tech PC, but HL is became a old engine now (Q1 modified). And lot of guys dislike it, they prefer play on games running under Q3 or UT engine. Even if all the stats show than CS is the game most play in the world. But they play to CS coz it's fun, not for the textures or animations.
I'm remember when i've buy HL, my PC was a 450Mhz + Voodoo, now it's a 1.3 Ghz + GF4. So i can play HL with very high poly weapons if i want.
Downgrade a game is may be more acceptable for the mass market, but in a other side it's prejudicial too. Lot of gamers configurations are near of 1Ghz + GF2 or 3 now. That's why lot of players prefer play with high poly weapon's packs now. And that's may be why u decide to upgrade the models and skins polycount for CSCZ.
However, i'm not against players with low configurations (recently i've offer my "old" GF3 to one of my buddy ... Only by pity ) but i prefer have the choice, and run the game with the maximum eye candy's effects.

The M4A1 in CS use the forward assist assembly to relaod, it's false. In fact it's useful only if u need to close the bolt in case of jamming. It's also a security procedure that u can see in American's Army : The hand tap the forward assist to ensure bolt is fully forward and locked.
So, if u want load a M4 u need to pull backward the charging handle and release it. If the bolt is open, push the bolt catch button instead. If there already a cartridge inside the chamber, just put a new magazine and squeeze the trigger to fire. If there a cartridge inside the chamber and than u use the charging handle, these cartridge is ejected.
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